Many Changes

Many Changes


Natalia Alba
July 25, 2018

Beloved Ones,

As Starseed Souls and New Earth Seeds, one aspect of our mission is to help restore the distorted Earth fabrics that were manipulated to encapsulate us within a 3D matrix. As you already know, there are many roles within Creation, and the labels above, are just some names to label the many missions that as ascending souls we are here to fulfil, so this message goes for everyone, who simply has a pure intention to assist planet Earth, independently of the name we prefer to use.

With the coming of the Eclipse there are many changes occurring not just within ourselves but in our Planet. The new galactic waves received are creating new avenues for the ones who work with the Earth Grids to restore the long ago manipulated Earth fabrics, helping us to become Earth bridges to connect the restored grids with the New Earth Grid system.

At this time, reading, talking and thinking about ascension or how can we assist, will not serve. This is a moment to just be and do what our soul guides us to do, instead of reading or comparing ourselves to others and see what they do to assist, for in the moment we do so, we are losing the unique way we are meant to be of assistance.

It is in BEing and not in doing that the majority of the Starseed Souls and New Earth Seeds help in the task of restoring the distorted Earth structures. We all have our own way, the most important thing is to unite as One, and master egoic feelings of superiority, and begin to be of help to our own selves, for most of the time many tend to focus on what they can fix outside instead of beginning from within.

It is vital to be totally present, focus on our bodies, while they keep integrating higher levels of consciousness and take care of our bodies, the best we can, for in the moment we allow our lower self to take control and continue feeding it with dense food and many other manipulated non-human food, as I call it, the body is not able to continue its transformation into crystalline matter.

For those who feel extreme exhaustion, and above all, you are sure you are perfectly fine, physically and emotionally, and there are no dark attacks, this is where you honor and respect your body, for there are times when you must put yourself before anything else. The fatigue and sleepy periods must be respected for in my personal experience it means my body is releasing so much that if this does not rest, it could not be possible to do so and restore my body to its natural healthy state, again.

Everyone is unique, and like I always say, when we are secure there is nothing else disturbing our ascension process, we all must become our own oracles to discern what are real physical pains and what is a natural symptom created by our conscious choice of transforming our bodies to their pure and original state of being.

For the stabilizers and everyone whose soul mission involves using crystals, remember that they are our companions and co-create with us to help us anchor, balance and/or any other role they have. Dependency on them can make us lose the real purpose and power from where what we do comes, which is always from within. There are many tools we tend to use that can make us feel as if without them we could not make our task, and there are times when remembering the Divine Consciousness within, is more important than focusing on external tools, which at this time can happen many times.

I have received, again, certain regions on Earth where there will be major openings for us to begin restoring the frequency of these places, and grids, for even though our Planet has already bifurcated from old earth, there are still some places highly contaminated and assistance is pivotal for them to regain their lost purity.

I share this information for those who are already, consciously, working with the Earth Grids and would like to send healing to these places:

• Belarus
• Karachay Lake, Russia – for the ones whose mission is related to heal Earth Waters etc. there will be an opening we could take advantage of to send healing. The level of contamination is beyond imaginable. There are many Islands where clearing is not possible at the moment, however, there are more new openings, as our Planet continues raising in frequency.
• Zambia
• Nepal
• Altai, is an independent terrritory of Russia bordering Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. I have received there is no one able to assist there physically and it is a very restrictive place, apart from the fact that there are certain time/space issues in this land, which makes even more challenging to work there, which is why we could only assist in the astral and by consciously sending healing.

As always, take what resonates with your own guidance and feel free to share/add the ones you have received yourself on my facebook page for All to know. Thank you for your conscious assistance and love to all the Earth places that are still in pain due to human damage.

For the ones whose mission is different, nonetheless equal, and must work in the 3D world, your task is even harder than the ones that have already taken the decision of creating their own form of living and live only in the places and with the people that are in perfect resonance with who we are. For those who are in this situation, as I know there are many, for there are a lot of people writing to me about this, sharing their situation, you have my most sincere respect and love.

Having been there myself before, it is extremely hard to be able to restore the body, at the end of the day, and try to keep it balanced when we are surrounded by people and situations that are simply not aligned with our frequency. This does not mean you are in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, there is not such a thing as being in the wrong place, for all serves our path.

There are many brave and strong souls whose mission is to work in that level, which is even more challenging, and even though there are many who may think these souls cannot be ascending as the ones who are more isolated from these 3D distractions, this is, again, separation, egoic feelings of superiority, between many other judgements.

There are no special souls placed in wondrous places, from where they can serve untouched, even though it can seem to be like this. There are many important special souls placed in the places their unique and precious frequency can heal. When one is ready and if the God Self decides so, then if the work is done these souls can pass to a more peaceful human existence, but the important thing is not where we work or the label of what we do, but the intention with which we do it that matters.

It is the essence, the love, the compassion we put into what we do, that serves. There are souls doing more challenging work in the 3D world than others who live isolated. I have no judgements, even though by reading this it can seem so. I respect All. However, every time I read or hear someone feeling superior about living in certain conditions others do not, I have no other way than sharing about the importance of mastering the ego as well as to see the same light in other’s jobs.

I thank all who are guided to assist in the Earth fabrics, Waters and all that requires restoration. Thanks for all you are and do for All, Beloved Companions!

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba

Art by: Christine Kesara Dennett