A very Special Moment

A very Special Moment


Natalia Alba
August, 3, 2018

Beloved Light Emissaries,

As many of you are already experiencing, during this intense and transformative phase, there are many who are beginning to descend new aspects of their soul mission for the more we work on our egoic self, releasing old layers as well as habits/patterns, the more that we will be allowing these aspects to be fully integrated within our being.

There are many, and I include myself, who have fulfilled a part of our mission, so to speak, and are now ready to activate new aspects, for this is not just about our personal journey, but about what the Planet requires. For some, their new soul role will involve to physically move, especially if they are now meant to act as gatekeepers, gridworkers, portal openers etc. For others, it will be more about stop acting and being, for it is by their essence that they shift/heal certain physical spaces, or simply about shifting what they have been doing until now and use different tools and ways to perform their tasks.

As you embody higher levels of consciousness and as Gaia will continue its ascension, there will be many things, in an accelerate way, that will change within and in our physical lives. In my personal journey, even though I am still a stabilizer, for it is in my nature and in my own essence, I have fulfilled this task where I used to reside, and even though I was not conscious of it, until the right moment came, I felt for a time as if I no longer had this same mission anymore.

When this occurs, trusting that when we are ready, we will obtain more clarity, is pivotal not to fall into egoic delusions such as thinking that we are not enough that our life is going to end simply because we have fulfilled a part of our task here on Earth etc. It is important to always surrender and trust that we will be placed where we are needed and that when our human self is ready, we will know what is our new task and how can we develop it. Forcing it, pushing ourselves to do or be more, will not serve, for we will be impeding the descension of these new aspects. Instead of wanting to do more or feeling inadequate, take a time to simply enjoy and do other things that your soul is also eager to experience, in this physical reality.

Before we are ready to embody and be fully conscious of the many different aspects of our mission, first we need to work on soul integration, for if we have not yet integrated more light from our I AM Presence, if we still have soul fragments dwelling in pain, due to past traumas or painful relationships or other wounds, there cannot be integration of these new soul mission aspects.

After this first step, there are other such as cellular and genetic/karmic patterns clearing that must follow before we can be ready to master a new aspect of our mission. There are many aspects of our soul mission, even though it is only one, it holds many aspects and we can only develop them when we are humanly ready to do the sacred task that our soul planned for us to fulfil here to serve All.

Being patient is another important factor to take into account if we are integrating or wanting to do so, for there are many who desire to be or do more, when it is not the time to do yet for they are still preparing their physical bodies and selves, until they can truly understand this new information, and other times, people like to compare themselves with others and what others do to assist, idealizing their soul roles and wanting to do what they do, which is another important reason why many people still do not really know what they are here to do, because they have been focusing in being who they are not, and as a consequence, they have been blocking their true gifts to come to the surface.

We are at a very special moment within this year of acceleration and it is now, especially with this fiery galactic wave, that we have the cosmic gift to release and integrate in a higher level, for we are now dwelling in a lighter dimensional space where aligning with its frequency, will help us to clearly receive the new aspects of our mission that shall be integrated to be of further assistance.

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba



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