Grand Earth Trine: Working With Our Limits

Grand Earth Trine: Working With Our Limits

By Mystica Astrology

Lets break down the Grand Earth Trine between Uranus, the Sun, and Saturn happening on August 26th 2018 during the Full Moon in Pisces. A Grand Trine is when three planets harmoniously align in 3 different zodiac signs of the same element. Continue reading for how to best work with this present energy.

What Each Transit Means Individually

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus is radical. This energy is a departure from physical security through rebellion, activism, and release from the matrix. There is a desire to be free and create a deeper connection with the greater universe beyond our immediate environment.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn is symbolic of responsibility and a lesson in self-worth. There is increased pressure created with this transit along with a deep desire to live up to one’s own expectations. Saturn in Capricorn is making us aware of our limits and how to work with them.

Sun in Virgo 

While the Sun is in Virgo we are confronted with reality, practicality, and fact. The very healing energy of the Virgo Sun will help round out this abundance of Earth energy present August 26th 2018. It will help us apply our desire for rebellion(Uranus) and our desire to achieve (Saturn) in practical ways.

Full Moon in Pisces Grand Earth Trine August 2018

How to Combine this Energy?

With so much grounding Earth energy present on the day of the very psychic Pisces Full Moon we have an opportunity to bring our spiritual practices into physical form. While Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn we are faced with our limits and strict boundaries. We are being given lessons right now to look deeper and study what is happening around us. Earth signs are known for their determination, dedication, and hard-work. Full Moon in Pisces

We need to give ourselves the opportunity to see what lies at the edges of the story. Uranus energy is sudden, like a jolt of electricity, when operating through this Grand Earth Trine we my have unforeseen run-ins with our own limits. Saturn wants us to be aware of what the boundaries are that we face, what road blocks exist. Not necessarily so we can overcome them but because we need to work with them. Embracing the aspects of yourself you see as blocks or what gets in the way of you being you can be a very healing and freeing experience; both of which are highlighted during this transit.

This Grand Earth Trine is about working within our limitations. There is immense spiritual energy all around us but how do we bring it into play in our physical lives? I am asking myself how I can combine better my spiritual practices, approaches, and framework to everyday experiences? We all have gifts to give the world and no one size will fit all. If something doesn’t resonate with you, then maybe that is not for you at that time, however; I guarantee it is for someone else who really needs that particular approach at that time. 

The combination of the Grand Earth Trine and the Full Moon in Pisces is a beautiful reminder of our physical real life experiences as a magical experience. The concept of being alive and existing in a human body is the reason we even have the opportunity to explore this universal energy from our own individual perspectives.

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