Why Understanding your Moon Sign will Improve Your Relationships

Why Understanding your Moon Sign will Improve Your Relationships

Shannon Yrizarry
February 03, 2018

The second most important part of your birth chart in Western astrology is your moon sign. While your sun sign gives you your external personality, your moon sign is your internal mood and emotional needs. This is the part of you hidden from people but if they know it, they will know how to meet your unconscious expectations of how they should treat you.

When we know our own moon sign, we can learn how to control and understand our own emotions better. When we know our emotional tendencies, we can decide if we want to be influenced or swayed by them just by recognizing them. If you want to deepen and strengthen your relationships, ask your friends what their moon sign is.

This is like being able to read a guide on how to keep them satisfied. You can read all the books in the world about how to keep your partner happy but if you do not know their unique emotional needs, you won’t truly understand the way they relate to the world and what they truly desire.

Here are the emotional needs someone will have based on their moon sign. Getting along with someone requires understanding how they respond to situations as well as why they are inclined to certain habits. The moon sign is the best place to look to truly understand someone.

Your Emotional Needs Based On Your Moon Sign

Aquarius – They will always want to talk about big ideas because this is how they find meaning. They think they are different and you just have to accept that they are not going to be interested in talking about emotional drama from daily life experiences. They also need space and don’t like being controlled.

You can appeal to their emotions by showing interest in progressive issues. They also have a need to express their uniqueness, so let them. They will be very focused on their ideals and wrap their life up in them, so if you want to get along with them, support their vision.

Pisces – A moon in Pisces person has strong compassion as well as love. They are accepting of others and will often see themselves in others. If you think they are aloof, they are tuning into their intuition to make their decisions and you must give them space to sort things out or they get overwhelmed.

If you do not appreciate their need to express their heart, they will not feel complete.

Aries – If they want to do something, don’t make them wait. Understand they have a need to move and to do a lot of things. They also will want you to listen to them about their emotions. They are harmless as long as you understand they are spontaneous and willing to change plans quickly.

Don’t take their sharp tongue personally, because their emotions flow out of them so they don’t hold grudges. They enjoy a good debacle and won’t back down from confronting you on things. Remember that they do have feelings even if they don’t admit it. Let them do what they want when they want and you’ll get along just fine.

Taurus – You really can’t expect to get them to do anything. They won’t budge, but they are caring and loving, reliable and steady. You’ll notice their home will always look the same because they find comfort in a nice home and a predictable environment.

You can appeal to them by creating a nice home environment and not asking them to make big changes quickly (or any for that matter). They are not inspired with revolutionary ideas as much as they are by security, stability and pleasures of the senses. As long as a progressive person understands what they need, they can balance each other out.

Speak practicality to them and they’ll love you for life. Let them have their routine so they can keep themselves happy.

Gemini – This sign has a lot of energy that needs an outlet. They require mental stimulation almost constantly. You’ll rarely see them unoccupied. Knowing they need to explore and inquire, you can keep them happy by giving them opportunities to do that. If they seem nervous, it’s energy that needs an outlet.

Don’t ask them to be organized, because it’s not their forte. Make them feel purposeful by asking them to try new things and discover new ways of doing things.

Cancer – They will understand your emotions and ask you about them, so be sure to open up. They will need someone to recognize their emotions or they will feel unhappy even if it’s unconscious. They value emotional bonding and nurturing others so let them give to you to appeal to them. If you are warm to them, they will open up to you.

Their tendency to play the victim comes from their struggle to let things go. They need attention and affection to feel safe so if you require space, be sure to communicate in a loving way to get along with them. They desire to please others and a true friend to them will let them know it’s okay to say how they feel directly. Home and family are their comfort zones.

Leo – Let them fix the problems they see and they will feel purposeful. If they seem controlling, try to see why they are being strong headed, because they can fixate so much on solving a problem that it seems insensitive. Let them have creative outlets or that energy will fester into anger. To appeal to a Leo moon, tell them you love them a lot.

They feed on energy and want to do good things for people to make the world fair. If you want a strong friendship, just don’t tell them what to do.

Virgo – Give them a job to do to keep them happy. They want to have a purpose. Allow them to be meticulous and thorough or it will create anxiety. Let them have creative pursuits which they can analyze and allow them to have the routines they desire to feel secure.

Don’t expect them to lead the charge into battle because they are not glory seeking. Prone to self degradation, you can help them by showing them their strengths which is their caring, selfless nature.

Libra – A Libra moon sign will need partnership. They thrive on companionship and are charged by being around people. They want to be respected for their viewpoints and so they will take time to explain themselves. They also have a strong urge to show people they care for them, as well as to do whatever it takes to make an environment harmonious.

The peacekeeper is not afraid to debate and hates to be wrong. Where they may struggle is that they can be exceedingly negative because they harbor any negative aspects that are creating rifts in relationships. They crave positive people and connection.

Scorpio – This sign will want to know your secrets. If you don’t open up to them, they will probably not be interested. They thrive on talking about emotions and almost need to have intense emotional experiences to survive. They can be too deep for some people, prodding and provoking to understand.

They aren’t scared of the truth and can handle our darkest secrets. They are even more interested in why people do things than of acquiring physical possessions. Their security is found in getting to the core of someone’s intentions, past the surface. If you don’t share personal things about yourself, good luck trying to be friends with them.

If you want to please them, engage in intellectual debate and please do not be intimidated by their need for intimacy.

Sagittarius – Unlike a Cancer moon sign, a Sagittarius moon does not want to be cooped up at home. They have to move and explore new cultures, make new friends and be in nature. They crave spontaneity and flying by the seat of their pants. If you’re a routine type of person, you have to realize they are not if you want to have a good relationship with them.

Let them be free and give them space. They want to understand ideas and philosophy, so meet them in this space and they will feel inspired to share your company.

Capricorn – Don’t ask a Capricorn moon to take a big uncalculated risk, that’s not the language they speak. However, show them a long-term plan and they’ll be interested. Don’t talk about metaphysics and spirits too much or they will be turned off because these people have their feet firmly planted in the earth as well as their focus.

They will be impressed with your organization and commitment to a well oiled budget. Speak to them about school, goals and business and they’ll enjoy the conversation. Don’t expect them to show their vulnerabilities because they aren’t wired to do so. To make them feel safe, give them a purpose and a steady income.


These moon sign secrets can improve our relationships with family members, coworkers, friends and lovers. The more we work to understand someone, the less confusion and separation we feel between us. If there is someone in your life who is really difficult for you to deal with, why not try to understand them better instead of letting them get under your skin?

Imagine how much better your life could be if you just understood why people say and do things? The moon sign is actually considered the most important sign in Vedic astrology in India. Apply this to your life and see how much your relationships improve!

Shannon Yrizarry


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