Sun Enters Sagittarius

Sun Enters Sagittarius (November 22, 2018)

Bill AttrideSagittarius2018

“Once upon a time…”

That is how you began to understand, and how you will return home someday. When you became self-aware, when you rose from innocence to self-consciousness you became a story-teller, a keeper of knowledge and a sharer of wisdom, and this marked the quickening of the divine within you. This is when you joined that sacred company, a procession of luminous hosts who are conscious co-creators of Creation too.

We have been storytellers for a very, very long time. In sagas and songs, while hunting and gathering, while planting or reaping, when sitting around the campfire or breaking bread together. We shared our experiences with one another, we informed and reformed one another, and that is how we are the very instruments of awakening for one another.

We told our stories and deepened our understanding of the world and of one another. We passed on by sounds, symbols and signs, in songs and science, in philosophy and common sense too. We discovered and re-discovered the story of us, the story of spirit.

And, most preciously and lovingly, we were able to sip from the cup of Wisdom offered by those who had come this way long ago. We laughed and cried and shared with one another, and as we woke up, we moved out of the darkness and into that divine space of the Creator…We began to consciously re-make ourselves and our world too.

Your journey is founded upon a path of awakening, of moving from unself-conscious awareness to fully formed Cosmic Consciousness. Yes, you have come a very long way, but you have further to go before you will be welcomed into the Celestial company known as the Masters of Compassion and Contemplation.

You have just completed another arduous passage through the realm known as Scorpio, where your mortal body and Immortal Soul meet in the crucible of Union with your beloved. You sought to bridge the seeming divide between yourself and one another. You faced the absolutes within and around you, of Darkness and Light, of Death and Re-birth and you were left speechless by the agony and joy of your journey, an Immortal who moves through these very mortal realms.

Whenever (and wherever in your chart) you find yourself in the realm of Scorpio, you are able to lift the Veil of Isis and experience a little more of the mystery of Creation. There are no words when you walk this razor’s edge of Life and Death. When you are in the In-Between, when you experience the Void and the Fullness as One you are left speechless, and this is how it should be. You stand in the presence of that which is beyond what you can understand, and you must bow your head and wait for a greater understanding.

Today you move into the Realm of Sagittarius, the realm of Philosophy, Science and Religion, and the Reality-Truth that stands behind them all. These form the Temple of Light, and you will learn from ancient sages and modern-day scientists, and you will give thanks to great scholars and your humble fellow seekers too. You will seek and search in ancient writings and find they are echoed in modern-day texts and tales. What is true does not change, it is only your understanding which becomes deeper and more encompassing, and this will remind you that this gift of wisdom is forged through the deepening of your humility.

And some of these truths, the most sacred, will be relayed in stories whispered from “mouth to ear”, (for there are some things that may not be written down even now). From each of these paths you will eventually find your way to the one Eternal Path that holds them all. Yes, as you begin to awaken, as your knowledge turns to the “Greater Understanding”, which is forged by Unconditional Love and held firm by your Centered Will, you will enter that precious realm that illuminates the firmament like a Ribbon of Light. Yes, you will enter the Inner Sanctum, the “holy of holies” formed by the Sages and Seers of the Ancient Wisdom.

For you must know this, you are not the first to come this way, and your civilization is not the finest nor the highest that has ever been. There are many great souls who have come this way before, who also struggled to lift the shadows from their minds and hearts and reach for the light as do you. They found, as you will too, that the truth “out there” was only able to be seen because it was equally within their very own nature too.

There is but One Spirit, One Life, and the One Force binding all to all which is Love. That is why you can and will understand, and you will separate the wheat from the chaff during your journey to the Light, because your Intuition and Mind will align to the truth within and around you, for “as Above, so Below”.

Today you begin to find your words and now you can tell your story. But know this, you must even more importantly listen to the countless stories of many, many others too. For this is how you refine your understanding, and how they refine theirs. Each of your discoveries and insights is only made possible by your sharing, comparing, contrasting, correcting and so making better your stories with, by and for another.

This is your path of Truth. You cannot be you without one another.

You need one another because you have become who and what you are because of their stories, as they need you because all your stories have made them too.

It is time to gather together.

It is time to sing, and dance and break bread together.

It is time to tell our stories to one another.

It is time to be thankful for one another.

It is time to remember the Wisdom of Love.

Bill Attride


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