Noble Silence

Noble Silence

Ann Litts

Photo by Jen Loong on Unsplash

I retreated this weekend into myself.

I meditated and practiced yoga.

I lit the candles and listened to The Universe.

I rested.

I spoke out loud to as few people as possible, and when I did, I used as few words as necessary.

I thought about the story I tell myself regarding my life and for this weekend — I suspended it. Whenever I found myself thinking about it — I would pull myself back to the present moment.

For Nirvana is not necessarily a reward you spend your whole life striving for — to be attained only at the very end. Nirvana can be reached moment to moment — a piece of joy dropped into your life in the now — but only if you’re willing to let go of it as the moment passes. Hand and heart open — allowing what needs to go — to go, and thus being open for the next moment of joy to enter your life. Letting what needs to come — to come.

Each Noble Silence carries with it the promise of a moment of Nirvana — if we can quiet our lives and our minds to the ‘noise’ of our worlds. If we can listen to the stillness — we can feel The Divine reach out to us and gift us with joy. Not everlasting joy — but joy in the moment. Every moment — has that postential. Over and over and over again in our lives.

Everlasting joy might be religion’s biggest fake news story of all. But moments of joy are attainable. Right here. Right now. In every single moment of our lives.

And a moment becomes a day becomes a week becomes a life — when you live your life in the now, letting go of the stories, listening for the Noble Silence.


Ann Litts


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