What January Means

Numerology & The Number 1: What January Means

Christine Beswick
December 31, 2018

Happy New Year! This is a wonderful time of year because January represents so many possibilities for wonderful new beginnings. We’ve just completed a hectic cycle of the holidays, and now we are torn between two energies. One is that of just wanting to take a break and a breather, and the other is a charge it attitude to plunge into this new year with renewed faith, hope, and optimism. There are a number of reasons for that, with some of them coming from astrology, and others coming from the power of numerology. In January 2019, we have an eclipse cycle to work through, and this energy is going to inspire us to create epic change in our lives. Also, from a numerology perspective, January is the first month of a new year, is marked by the number 1 in all of our dates, and thus represents a slate of new beginnings through the power of number 1.

When you know this energy is there, you are more primed to use this energy to its fullest potential. Let’s talk today about numerology, January, and how to use the power of 1 in this exciting new year.

January & the Number 1

January is the first month of the year, and thus when we are discussing it or using it, the number 1 is always the first thing that represents this month. When we look to numerology, we see that the number 1has powerful potential.

In numerology, the number 1 is an initiator, a driving force and a natural leader. Those with life path 1 are pioneers, adventurers, and passionate about taking a lead in their place in the world. This is the spirit we experience when the first month of the year takes hold.

We want new beginnings! We are determined to put 2018 behind us, and plunge into a brand new year, that is a brand new slate that opens up a world of possibilities for us. Anything can change now! Some of us will know what those changes are, and some of us won’t.

Some of us will want specific change and will want to use the power of 1 to get there.

The number 1 represents the energy of this determination and motivation. It’s an inspiring energy that leads, that is very intuitive, and has a lot of drive to succeed.

What area of your life do you want to change the most this year? January 2019 is a year with an eclipse cycle, and also a month that represents you have a lot of power at your fingertips to initiate those changes.

The only thing you need now is…..focus. And along with the power of 1 you also have the power of the year number for 2019, which is a 3.

Let’s look at that for a minute.

2019 & the Number 3

We’ve already briefly touched on 2019 numerology and the number 3, so let’s tie in some of these principles with the power of the number 1 for 2019.

We get the year number 3 by adding up the digits of 2019 – 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 – 2 + 1 = 3.

Number 3’s in numerology are on a vibration of creativity, imagination, and artistry. 3’s are happy go lucky folks, and it’s a happy go lucky energy that presents a dynamic in relationships and experiences that is one of collaboration.

Number 3 energy is aligned with the third house in astrology. This is your information and communication house, and is one where you want to express something. This can be through conversation or single expression such as through artistry, writing, or creating. Even dancing creates a message for those you are dancing for.

The year number 3 in numerology and in 2019 then is going to be all about this self-expression.

So that’s what you are thinking about when you begin January 2019, the first month of the new year which is a year number 3.

We combine the energy of number 1, for the first month of the year, with the energy of number 3, which is the year number for 2019.

So let’s have a look at action plans that you can launch this month, to tie those two energy vibrations together.

Your January 2019 Numerology Checklist

When you begin January 2019, you are entering this month and this new year with a clean slate of possibilities. We are all soooooo ready to finish 2018, and happy to welcome this clean slate into our lives. We are ready for change. The energy of eclipse season is upon us. This is the energy of number 1. But we are also feeling particularly creative and inspired through the year number 3 of 2019. So what can you DO to capitalize on this energy and bring epic success into your life through the power of numerology vibrations in January 2019. Here’s your checklist.

  • Don’t have an ego. 

1’s have a tendency to be dominating forces, and sometimes when they don’t get their own way, they try and force the issues. This just leads to drama and tension. Don’t do that. Have that ego, but use it with positive energy. It’s great energy to take charge and dominate an area of your life, but do it in a way that still expresses the kindness and creativity of the number 3.

  • Take the lead. 

This is not the month to sit around and wait for a big bag of money or Prince Charming to arrive at your doorstep. This is the month to take the lead on getting what you want. Have you been worried or upset that your life doesn’t look like what you want? If so, then you have to sincerely ask yourself NOW, what you are doing to change it. What have you actually done? It’s okay to ask for what you want. It’s okay to go for it. Number 1 energy means that you NEED to do these two things. See your vision for 2019, plan that vision, and then go after it. Not only will number 1 energy lead you towards success, but it’s darn sexy too! Confidence in love, money, and work matters gets you where you need to get this month. Just go for it!

  • Don’t be a braggy naggy. 

When you follow the energy of pursuing your goals, your confidence will soar. This could inspire you to try and push others towards helping you succeed. It’s sort of like not having an ego, but at the same time, bragging about your accomplishments sets you back a little bit. This month is not about you winning against the world. So don’t brag that you are. It’s about you winning against your Self. When you worry about only competing with yourself, then you are the winner. Celebrate your accomplishments with those you love, yes. But don’t be braggy and pushy about it like the shadow side of 1 would do.

  • Be optimistic. 

This is the energy of number 3. Sometimes we don’t pursue our dreams because we have a self-defeating attitude before we even begin. “Oh, I’m not asking him out because he’s way out of my league,” or, “Oh, I’m not going for that job or promotion because that will stir some feathers and I will get shut down,” or, “I don’t think I’m lucky or worthy of this thing I want in my life.” Stop that right now. BELIEVE you are worthy of abundance and success. Because you are. Number 3’s are the happy go lucky ones of numerology, and that’s because they believe they will win if they just put forth their creativity into the world. That’s what you need to do too.

Concluding Thoughts…

We are in a magical and pivotal point of our lives in January 2019. Not only do we have a new year, but we are also entering a powerful eclipse cycle. With that, we have the energy vibrations of January, marking the first month of the year. We combine that with the numerology for the 3 year.

It’s time to take charge of your life and BELIEVE that you are soooo absolutely worthy of this success that you want. How are you doing that?

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Christine Beswick


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