Faces of Love (128)

Dance for YOURSELF

When you see yourself as half, you have the need of another half, but when you are a whole, you dance your life for yourself. When your partner does the same, your relationship will not fall apart in half, for you two dance the music of the “one”. It is like the art of the dance. When you start dancing, you follow the steps you know and so your partner does. Slowly and step by step the synchronicity of the two starts. You share priceless moments, for you two dance, feel and act as “one”.

When Your body, mind and soul are in perfect synchronisation, your life becomes the place of oneness – you dance the music of your inside love, for You found what you were waiting for, the one – yourself.

Dance your life for yourself!

dance your life.001PHOTO CREDIT: PIXABAY

With all my Love,


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