Embrace YOUR Divinity

Embrace YOUR Divinity

Elaine Torrance-Gingrich
January 9, 2019


Do you understand who you truly are? Do you realize there is more to you than your physical body?

Yes, you are a human being. You were conceived and born into this world. But who were you before and to where will you return once this physical incarnation is done?Now, I am not here to preach to you or to suggest you should believe in any one specific doctrine. And if you do not believe in a higher power — in whatever manner you choose to define such power — then what I have to say probably won’t resonate for you.

However, should you believe there is a spiritual realm and a higher power, then it is important for you to understand that you are a part of that higher power. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Source/Spirit/God(dess) is not outside of you but within you. You are an aspect of the Divine. The Divine expresses through you as you. Really breathe that in and let it assimilate into your consciousness.

Furthermore, as an expression of the Divine, you have the power to manifest the life you deeply desire. Whether you are aware of it or not, you came here to live life as a blended being, understanding your powers of creation, and to embrace your magnificence.

However, if you are experiencing a life of lack and struggle, you may not have fully embraced that magnificence within. You may be holding on to beliefs that keep you from accepting that who you really are is the physical expression of the Divine and an exceptional creator.

You don’t need to believe in the Law of Gravity to know that is what keeps you from floating off into space. You don’t need to fully understand electricity to know the lights come on when you flip the switch. The laws of the universe are always working, whether you believe in them or not. You are an expression of the Law of Pure Potentiality.

We all have the potential to be, do, or have whatever we desire, and to leverage those universal laws. That is creation, and we are creators. For example, an acorn has everything within it to become that magnificent oak tree. That acorn never tries to be something it is not. Yet we — as humans — have the tendency to want to fit into the societal norms and stereotypes that may not align with our soul urges.

The Divine within knows who you truly are and the life you came here to live. When you deny your divinity, you are denying the true essence of you.

Your inner goddess/inner being/higher self is your magnificence. That non-physical aspect of you that is free of all the conditioning, excuses, and false beliefs that have you believing that you are limited when the truth is that you are limitless.

So, if we came here to live life as a blended being, create our experiences, and embrace our magnificence, why are so many of us mired in struggle and lack? Why aren’t we all living a life of abundance and ease?

The easy answer is because we are each on our own individual journeys. Many have not yet awakened to who they truly are and the magic they possess. Others have awakened or are awakening (and if you are reading this, chances are you are on the awakening path) but are still struggling with learning to allow.

We don’t understand the importance of alignment and prioritizing joy. We don’t allow ourselves to live a life of abundance and ease. We don’t allow our magnificence to shine through. We don’t embrace our divinity. We place limits on what we can and cannot do. We don’t get out of our own way.

We are conditioned into a certain way of being. As master perceivers of energy, we learn early on that when we behave the way our caregivers prefer, we are rewarded. When we behave poorly, the energy of frustration, desperation and even anger can be felt. It is easy to understand why we are almost hardwired from birth to want to conform to how others desire us to be.

We are not taught to pay attention to how we feel and use those feelings as our guidance system. We are not taught to make feeling good our Number One priority.

Our religious institutions tend to have us fearing divinity rather than seeing ourselves as a physical expression of that Divine essence.

Again, I am not bashing any organized religion, and if you practice one that fills your spiritual needs, that is all that matters. What I have seen is how the dogma and doctrine of these religions have strayed from their original tenets. How fear is used as a means to control behavior. Do this and you get to heaven. Do that and you go to hell. Reward and punishment. Once again, limits!

If you come away with only one golden nugget from this article, let it be that you are limitless. You have the power within you to create worlds. Don’t buy into a life of limits. Embrace your divinity, your magnificence. Learn to live your life in the flow. Practice alignment. Make feeling good your Number One priority.

Remember, when you dance with the Divine Feminine, you are leveraging universal laws, and by doing so, you are embracing your divinity.

Call to Action

Spend some time journaling on what it means to you to accept that you are a divine being. Reflect on where you are not allowing your life to flow. Try to uncover those limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Challenge them. Ask yourself if they are really true for you, and when you learn they aren’t, create new beliefs that support your limitlessness.

Allow yourself to be the magnificent being that you are meant to be and to live the magnificent life you’re meant to live. I believe in you.

Now, you must believe in yourself. Look for the evidence of this truth. Be open to the signs. Write them down as you notice them, because the more you notice, the more evidence you will receive. The more evidence you receive, the stronger your own belief will become.


Elaine Torrance-Gingrich