A little bit of Heaven (83)

Somewhere …

romania-1894741_960_720PHOTO CREDIT: Pixabay

Colours and beauty somewhere in Romania …

With all my Love,


6 thoughts on “A little bit of Heaven (83)

    1. It really looks as you said … It is a beautiful country and you are right, people know so little about it for as I know, the big plans have been to be a completely destroyed country. It has the most energetic points on the planet (4 of 8 chakras of the Sacred Vortex). 🙂
      Thank you for your visit and wonderful comment! Manuela

  1. That should be my generation. I grew up in the days of the Cold War and as such we were never exposed to any Eastern Block culture. We certainly never had anything concept of the Geography or people. And of course we are still in the dark. Chris.

    1. I say that every single day we stop being in dark, for the more we interact with each other in this blogging family, the more we discover new things about new places/ people. 🙂
      Thank you, Manuela.

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