A little bit of Heaven (98)

The little Waterfall

a3Photo by me

It is a little waterfall I have discovered amongst the trees, across Peles Castle. I do not know its name … but I like it and share the photo with you! 🙂

With all my Love,


12 thoughts on “A little bit of Heaven (98)

  1. Daniela

    I like the waterfalls :*) Thank you so much Manuela !
    Blessings and Love !
    <3 <3

      1. Daniela

        I’m so glad you liked it , Manuela ! I saw a synchronicity between the message I received from you with the picture of the waterfall near Peles and the message sent by Tim Janis this morning called ”Peaceful waterfalls” :) I love Tim’s music… Tim Janis is a wonderful artist:)
        Blessings and Love !

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