Are You Strong Enough for the Goddess?

Are You Strong Enough for the Goddess?


This week I have had several people come to me asking questions about religion.   They heard that I was the ‘expert’ on the subject and wanted to talk to me.  I asked, “What do you want to know?”  To which they replied, “Everything!”   What they don’t understand and what a lot of readers that come across this site don’t under stand is, ‘You must make sure you are ready!’

Today they call it picking up the phone, but the ancients called opening the door.  If you pick up the phone or open that door, understand that it’s about to get HEAVY!  When you ask me a question, I will not hold back for your feelings.  

This world does not think information should be available to all.  In a sense they are right.  Humans are hedonic. Everything comes with a cost.  You live for only pleasure and you become lazy, sick and stupid.  That is exactly what this world has become.   One of the people I talked to has not been able to sleep the past few nights.  They will have the choice to either face what this world calls the Devil head on or run and don’t look back.  I have been called Satan, the Devil, the Antichrist, a Demon and the latest one, the Spawn of Satan.  To this world I am those and much more, but they are only saying this because I have made their head spin.  The were not ready.  

I have shown before that Satan just means ‘opposer’.  In this Patriarch world, what is the number on thing that can make it come crashing down?  What opposes Patriarchy?  If you said Matriarchy, you are close.  It is the Goddess.  The Sacred Feminine.  Even in a Matriarchy you did not get to meet the Goddess unless you were ready.  She is the most demanding entity you will ever come across.  What makes her so dangerous is she will introduce you to the most intimidating thing you could ever be introduced too.   Many people run screaming in the opposite direction when they meet the Goddess.  The thing she introduces you too is your true self. This is whatMystery School is all about. Everyone sees the Goddess as sultry and seductive, but that is the furthest thing from the truth.  Don’t get me wrong.  Once you get to know her she is the most beautiful thing you will ever lay your eyes on, but the Patriarch world sees her as sultry and seductive because they can not reach her.  

Here is the ultimate reason why religions want to cover women up.  It is very well-known that religions cover women up so the men will not feel things towards them.  This is the garbage Patriarchy wants you to believe.  True wisdom has been lost to in this world.  Not being able to control yourself in front of beautiful women is a sign of an infantile mind.  An ego mind.  It should not matter how they are dressed, but even most of the women on this planet are in the ego mind too.  The ego mind does not like to be told what it’s doing wrong and that is why Gillette is catching so much hell.  They are pointing out that there is very little Sacred Masculine in this world. They are right.  This is yet another step towards Aquarius and the masculine mind is going to scream all the way.  

In truth the women in religion covering up comes from the ego mind not being ready to meet the Goddess.  Isis would wear a robe covered from head to toe at times because she was showing how an ego mind can not unlock her secrets.  You must be in the Sacred Feminine mind or subconscious to see under her robe. They have told the masses that covering the womans body is needed for men to control thier wants.   Women are the physical form Sacred Feminine, but there are very few Goddesses on this planet.  The Native Americans were so in touch with the Goddess that most of the women walked around topless.  Then the hell of Patriarchy showed up.  

I have shown in the past that spirit is feminine.  Your Higher Self is feminine.  You must be in touch with the Sacred Feminine to meet your true self.   This is what the Lemniscate is showing.  As Aristotle said: 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” 

If and when you ever want to meet the Goddess you must be quiet.  Your mind must stop chattering.  This is the reason why no one will meet her.  People can not be alone with their own thoughts.  

“The Fear of finding oneself alone – that is what they suffer from – so they don’t find themselves at all.”  – Andre Gide

An ego mind can not stand to be alone.  Being alone will make one with an ego mind go insane.  This is why solitary confinement is used for punishment.  I have shown in Magic how to calm the mind.  The masses always need a telvision on are headphones on to drown out the voice in their head.

“It is what one takes into solitude that grows there, the beast within included.”  Nietzsche 

Unless you have the Goddess you can not go forward.  With her you start to observe yourself and your thoughts.  

“Observing yourself is the necessary starting point for any real change.” – Chalmers Brothers

When is the last time the world has actually taken a good look at itself.  It has been quite a while because the Goddess was almost destroyed.  Well she is back and if you ever get to meet her, your life will be turned upside down.  It’s called the wake up process.  It is not easy, that’s why so few have actually done it. You must know the Goddess to get through the wake up process.   To give you an example of how hard it is I will give you a personal example.  

When you meet the Goddess everything is left open and bare.  There are no illusions to hide behind.  All is seen.  I saw all the illusions of the world and of myself and I did not want to be here anymore.  My world was crumbling right before me.  You see how insane  the sleepers really are and how crooked entire system is.  The control, the slavery, the lies and sociopathy of the system.  What I had grown to think was good was actually evil and what I thought was evil actually wasn’t.  I started drinking heavily to escape from the world. The voices in my head were screaming about how I was a fake and a failure.  I could not talk to anyone because they all told me I was insane and I needed to seek help.  My daughter had just started learning to talk and thoughts were going through my head that she was going to have to be brought up in this fake world. I was literally paralyzed by everything.

One day my wife took my daughter to go see her grandparents and I was at the end of my rope.  While they were gone I got my gun out of the attic and I was going to end it.  I had Linkin Park’s “Ive Given Up” blaring on the stereo.  I had the gun loaded, the hammer back and it pointed directly at my head.  Tears rolling down my face I was milliseconds away from leaving this fucked up planet.  Just then my phone rang it was my wife’s name on the caller ID.  I thought, “okay I can say one last goodbye”.  When I answered the phone the most angelic voice was on the other end.  It was my 4-year-old daughters voice saying “Hi daddy!  I just thought I would call you and say I love you, I miss you and I can’t wait to see you when I get home.   Goodbye”.   She blew a kiss into the phone and hung up.   I love you, I miss you and I cant wait to see you when I get home.  These words saved my life.  

That is synchronicity.   You don’t get it without the Goddess.  When these artists take their own lives, I completely understand how they got there.  I was on the brink myself.  An artist is in touch with the Sacred Feminine, but when they get to the brink they are unable to see the signs of the Goddess.  Very few can.  So if you think you can be alone with yourself, crack the code, be exposed and break the illusion you better be ready for the drama in your head, the screaming voices and everyone thinking you are poisoning the well.  You will be your own worst enemy.  You will no longer fit in to this world. There are no mistakes!  She will push you to the brink and tear every one of your walls down making you fully exposed.   Before you start on the adventure of a lifetime, make sure you can get back.  I like so many others almost didn’t make it back.  It took a little girl to show me how selfish I was and pull me back.  

This is why the Patriarchs see the Goddess as the Devil, she can’t be controlled.  If you make it to the other side you will not be controlled either.  You will be battle scarred but much wiser and richer from the experience.  There is no power greater than the Goddess, you just have to choose to be ready for her.  If you are not ready for her, don’t open the door, let her walk on by.  You have been warned.  

“Never underestimate what you can achieve when you believe in yourself! Believing in yourself doesn’t come from with-OUT; it comes from within, from that heart-centered place where our goddess essence resides. It’s about having self-love. It’s about knowing that you have something to offer-your special gift. It’s about knowing that no matter what your situation is you have the wherewithal to deal with it.”

~ Erica Tucci


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