Self- Care is Health Care

Beneficial Thought: Sun in Pisces – Self- Care is Health Care

Christine Beswick
February 21, 2019


It’s Pisces season! This year the Sun leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on February 18, the same day as a Full Moon in Virgo. It’s an interesting dichotomy of sorts; an ending and a beginning all at once. Every Full Moon presents this opportunity. But on this day, we have both the Sun and the Moon making major moves.

The Sun in the twelfth zodiac sign of Pisces presents a slower moving time where we all have an opportunity to go within a little bit more and explore our inner selves. With a Piscean Sun, self-care is health care. Are you up for it?

What is Sun in Pisces?

Every 30 days or so, the Sun changes signs. The Sun is moving a little bit each day, and every day it gets closer to the next zodiac sign constellation it is about to enter. When it is in each sign, the Sun embodies the themes and energies of that sign, as does the energy we as Earthlings soak up from it.

Spiritually speaking, the Sun is our personality prototype. That’s why we know so much about our selves and each other by identifying by our Sun signs or zodiac signs. The personality traits are pretty on point. Sun themes are all about who we are as people. The Sun shines on the part of our selves that the world sees.

When the Sun is in your sign, your sense of self is amplified a little bit more. We embrace the notion of new beginnings because we learn more about ourselves and what we want to do to accomplish things in our lives. That’s why as we get older, we make goals on our birthdays. As teenagers, we can’t wait to drive or vote. As adults, we can’t wait to retire or take that vacation. Every person has their own different goals, all year round, that is inspired by the placement of the Sun.

Right now the Sun is in Mutable Pisces, and we, and our goals, can all benefit a little bit from this. This is the twelfth hour transit, the end of the road before the cycle begins all over again with Spring when Sun enters Cardinal sign Aries.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It’s time to start wrapping up some chapters before Spring arrives, or, Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. But this twelfth house that Pisces rules is very spiritual as well. It’s a house of endings, and a house of rebirth, but also a house of going within and retreating a little bit to just take care of you before that new chapter begins.

Hence the term, “Winter blahs” or “Winter blues.” But this time of rest and retreat is good for us. Needed. Even if we don’t want to. It’s healthy to take some downtime.

That’s why this is the perfect time of year to engage a self-care habit. When the twelfth house is lit up by the Sun, karma is very important, and so is our spiritual journey. We probably don’t have the energy to hit the gym right now. But we have a lot of energy for just soaking up some cucumber slices in a candlelit bath if we want to.

Pisces is the Mutable sign of the Water signs, the dreamy artist of the zodiac. Pisces isn’t running marathons too often, but will stay up all night to finish a painting or write in their dream journal.

While we have this twelfth house activity in play, and Pisces the star of the show, we have a mandate from the Universe to take care of that spiritual side of our selves. If we don’t, we get cranky, irritable, Winter blahs, moody, and most of the time we don’t even know why.

So, time to take care of you. Self-care is health care.

This is as an important part of health care as brushing your teeth and having all of your checkups taken care of. Let’s talk about how to engage these healthy habits while we have this beautiful glow of the Sun in Pisces.

Spiritual Health Care when the Sun Enters Pisces

You might see in your weekly Health Horoscopes that when twelfth house activity is present in your chart or day, it’s time for a little downtime. Spiritual downtime is a healthy activity that, even when we believe in it fervently, we rarely make as much time as we need to do it. Now, with the Sun in Pisces, we have the motivation to make that time.

Do these things for two weeks, just a pinch every day, and they will become habits. Then, when the time Spring arrives, you will feel turbo-charged like the Energizer Bunny because your mind/body/soul connections will be aligned.

• Meditate.

With the Sun in Pisces, the veil between this plane and the next is very thin. Meditation helps you to zone out of this plane for a little while, and float in another dimension where you are just one with unconditional love. This is very needed for you to take care of you. Just close your eyes, breathe, and slowly let all of your worldly thoughts trickle away, one by one. Using guided meditations on YouTube can help you to learn this process. You deserve a zone out. Spend 15 minutes a day just for you, and when you become practiced with it, within a few weeks, you will find yourself so rebooted for the next step in your day.

• Be Love.

As the Mutable sign of the Water signs, Pisces is known for being compassionate and loving, almost at all times. They have a very gentle side of them that seeks to understand all perspectives, without judgement. Try practicing this more in your daily life, just a little every day between now and Spring. It doesn’t have to be romantic love, but just be love a little bit more. Pisces kind of love is unconditional and without judgement, and they are renowned for their compassion and kindness. As a ruler of the twelfth house, this unconditional love is also very directly linked to karma and the Law of Attraction. So just be love, a little bit to somebody somewhere, every single day for a few weeks. Magic happens. Being kind to others is very spiritually healing.

• Create.

Pisceans are born creators. They create through words, food, dance, art, and sometimes actual magic. Something wonderful happens to our souls when we get in a creative flow. You become an inventor of the world. A new recipe or a new poem can get your juices flowing like nothing else will. It’s healthy to feel this sense of rush and accomplishment. And it’s healing as well. There’s nothing more therapeutic than throwing pain on a clean canvas, not caring what it looks like, blowing off some steam in dance, or pounding down some yeast for a new loaf of bread. Do this a little every day! And it doesn’t even have to be the same thing.

• Clean & Declutter.

In order to feel healthy in our lives, we need a clear space to think in. Pisceans have a way of being clean freaks, in their own special way. Actual clean freaks. Sometimes you can clear your mind perfectly by emptying a closet, clearing your desk, or just doing a rehaul somewhere in the house. This is where you hear about Spring cleaning from. We all want a fresh slate in Spring, even in our domestic lives. Pisces is the sign that initiates that train of thinking. Pisces does it for spiritual reasons, to declutter a space and maintain control. Spend a few minutes each day on little house projects that help you feel emotionally “better” when you’ve accomplished them. It’s a great time of year to look into bringing Feng Shui into the home.

• Follow Your Heart, Intuition, & Dreams.

Pisces is a very psychic sign, and they create from the heart. They feel their way through the next project or thing they are obsessed about. Twelfth house activity is part of this energy vibe as well. Pisceans are big dreamers, and when they succeed, it’s often from something they dreamed up in their head and then ran with it. And when they succeed this way, they feel healthy physically, spiritually, and mentally. There’s an odd sort of personal success that comes from following your intuition to the end, and realizing that you even can do this. Everybody can. Listen to what your heart is saying now, or that little small voice advising you of choices, good or bad. Listen, and follow the good and the light. If it makes sense, it is a message meant for you, and if it doesn’t, then someone could be trying to steer you down the right path. Self-care is health care in Pisces season, and there’s no organ more important to take care of than your big ol’ heart. But trust it. Listen to it. And follow the light. When you do, you activate all of the Pisces themes that are good for you. It’s not just important to trust yourself with Sun in Pisces, it’s the healthy thing to do.

Concluding Thoughts…

We are in a very emotional time of the year right now, with Sun in the Mutable sign of the Water signs Pisces. We’re supposed to be, but our health can suffer if we don’t use this energy the right way. The Winter blahs can turn into Seasonal Affective Disorder sooner than you think if you don’t take care of yourself. Instead of working against this spiritual plane, work with it, and instantly begin to tweak your mind/body/soul connections. It’s okay to take care of you. You have to. Otherwise, you are of no good to anybody – including yourself. What are your spiritual health goals before Spring arrives?

Christine Beswick