Claim YOURSELF One Breath at a Time

Claim YOURSELF One Breath at a Time

Megan Mulligan
April 11, 2019 


Let’s face it. Nobody knows what they are doing. Life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. And if it did, we might second-guess our decisions.

But truly, there are no wrong choices to make. There are only directions to take.

Up or down, left or right. Across the bridge, or along the water’s edge. We can’t go wrong, only forward. Because that is where life leads us. Its compass ushers us along. Our job is simply to listen and follow.

Simple, right? “Wrong!” the mind gasps.

Sure, to simply listen and follow is simple in theory. But like most spiritual axioms, there is a complex bridge from A to Z. That is where the work comes in — spiritual work, so we can learn to relax, listen, and follow.

Spiritual work is indeed the bridge from feeling distraught to surrendering. From fear to faith. From alone to embodied love. And the key to this path is ego death.

Long ago, the ego created a story around the notion of blind faith. Marred by ill experience, pain, trauma and dis-ease, it created a complex story to secure its existence. It is the only thing that holds us in the past. Its clingy grasp can actually blind us in its refusal to let go.

The truth is, the ego was wired to protect us from unseen fate. By design, it wants to keep us safe and small by projecting fear upon our future. Its collections of stories can stem from the beginning of time, depending on your soul’s age.

So, when the time comes to examine why we can’t relax and let go, the work is to unwind every one of ego’s stories stemming from the past. This is truly an expedition to unearth your soul.

This theory is intense, for sure. And it’s not to dissuade the seeker from trudging the road to happy destiny. Rather, these words are designed to help us see, reflect, and understand so we can consciously untangle the reasons why it’s challenging to simply let go into the notions of spiritual ease. So we can learn to build our bridge.

Over time, on this path, we find new tools. Prayer and meditation make their way into our life. We begin to see our world from a different perspective, from the eyes of a witness rather than those of a participant. And as we start to trust this process and see fruitful results, the ego will start to let go. It will start to dissolve and feel understood, as it makes its way back toward love.

What we are really doing, by design, is returning back to our soul, to the very wellspring of our authentic truth, love, and wisdom. The more we practice trusting our soul’s space, the more the ego will continue to let go. While it won’t go down without a fight, the spiritual tools, we find, are stronger. We have a new source of power.

With renewed strength, we go deeper inside ourselves. Deeper and closer toward love and trust. The more frequently we align with these truths, the brighter our soul’s light gets. We find our authentic identity, the one tapped into the world’s vibe. This is the frequency to which our soul walks. And the soul’s truth is the energy behind each and every footstep we take.

So, really, learning to how to untangle the ego and trust the flow of the Universe is about learning to trust ourselves. For it’s our soul’s compass that guides our path.

Again, it takes work to get there. Hard work. Dedication and practice. We don’t wake up one day and throw everything out the window and just surrender. Some may, in sudden bursts of enlightenment. But for the rest of us, it is a process of slowly surrendering and unlearning what we are not, so we can rebuild who we are.

In being reborn, we get to handpick and design our foundation, but this time consciously. We get to rise upon the truths of our existence: love, faith, surrender, peace, and letting go.

For we find power in these truths. Truth never lets us down. No matter what path we may choose, its energy creates a life current more powerful than anything. It always find a way to steers us toward our North Star.

So, learn to let go by understanding yourself. With each and every breath, exhale into trust. Have faith and surrender. And build yourself again. Happy destiny is yours.

Yes, these spiritual truths are simple and yours to have. Healing is a precious gift from the Universe. Claim it and claim yourself: one single breath at a time. Sat Nam!


Megan Mulligan


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