Sun Enters Taurus

Sun Enters Taurus

(April 20, 2019)

Bill Attride


The Source of Value

What is the value of you?
How do you find the way to your measure?
Do you understand what makes you “you”?

The Spiritual approach to understanding these (and many other profound questions) will inevitably lead you upon a “radical journey of discovery”, (“radical” because the heart and true meaning of “radical” means going to the “origin”, so that such a journey takes you to “the root of one and All”). All Spiritual discovery, any true Awakening will bring you closer to the core of the yourself, and likewise to the heart of everything else too.

Because it is here, at the “Center that is Everywhere, and whose Circumference is Nowhere”, it is here at the Root of all, that you will find the answer to the fundamental question of what is behind all of “THAT”, and so equally what makes you “you”.

You will understand the Truth of where you come from, and you will smile, because you know and you feel this to be true, in your mind and in your heart, as it is lovingly affirmed by the gentle whispers of your own Higher Self. You will feel and know, that this truth is so simple yet so utterly profound, that the entire Universe is simply the One.

That Spirit or the One is the source of all Light and Love, and it shines through the entirety of Creation, from the most infinitesimal to the greatest of beings. This Light and Love is found in the core or heart of every speck and mote, of each and every particle and being, on up to the greatest lords forming every planet, star and galaxy too.

This is Truth: The Whole of Creation is Alive and Conscious, for it is quite simply the body, heart, mind and all-encompassing spirit of the One.

Yes, the Truth shines through all this Universe, and you will know and feel this because you and the All are inseparable from one another; just as you are each one of many ones, and each of you are intimately and integrally made of and by one another too.

You are not a “thing”; you are a field of Energy-Forms; a Hierarchy of Spirit-Matter. You live in the Truth that behind the phenomena of all the realms of life, behind all of this, is the Value behind all of “That”. What holds the whole of Creation together as One, what gives Life to the many that form Life-Spirit Consciousness, is purely and simply the Unconditional Love of the One.

Today you begin the month of Taurus, and somewhere in your chart you have some part of you that resonates with this fundamental truth carried by Taurus. The lesson and strength of Taurus is founded upon this immortal truth of your worth…that your value is truly beyond measure, you are “priceless”. Because you (and quite frankly all) of creation are formed from and by the very essence of the One, you are forever one with Spirit.

But of course, the ordinary experience of your value will vary considerably from day to day and year after year. Some days you feel on top of the world, and on some you may feel as if the world is on top of you! Regardless, even as the arc of your life and the value of you waxes and wanes it will surely bend towards the inevitable, as the physical strength of youth will yield to the gifts of spiritual wisdom as you age.

Indeed, this very arc of your life, of powers waxing then waning, brings the fundamental truth home to you, that you will only find everlasting peace in the value that will never diminish.

In the very heart of you, you remain as you will always be, the source of all measure, beyond all measure. Yes, you are human now, but that is merely the form of your self-realization at this point in your never-ending journey. You are a spark of the Divine who is on a never-ending journey of the “Self-That Is Becoming”. You are a monad, an unfolding Spiritual Fire of Life-Spirit-Consciousness.

Yes, it is in Taurus that you appreciate the Divine made real, the infinite potential of Spirit made to shine in the flowers and trees, in the oceans and mountains, in the moon and the stars…and in you.

Behind it all, shining through one and through all,

Is pure, unconditional love.

Bill Attride