Summer Love – is it Real Romance or a Summer Fling?

Beneficial Thought: Summer Love – is it Real Romance or a Summer Fling?

Christine Beswick
May 23, 2019


It’s officially Summertime! And now that means we are all looking for a little bit of love, sweet love.

We all want it no matter what our relationship status is. Who doesn’t want to be in love in the Summertime? There are so many things to do during the long sunny days and the warm moonlit nights. You’ve met someone, things are progressing nicely; but is it real romance or just a summer fling? The Moon transits this Summer are going to guide you towards the changes in your relationships that you need. Do you want it to last? Or are you just looking for a May to December romance?

There is no wrong answer. But if you are wondering what the state of your Summer loving is, we are going to help you figure that out today. So let’s get to it.

Moonlit Nights During Eclipse Season

There are many transits in this gorgeous Summer of 2019 that will help us find love, and keep it, or find love, and just have some Summer lovin’ fun. When you are looking for love, the only thing you need is a true intention to light those sparks of romance! And this Summer 2019, we are getting another eclipse season.

In the Summer of 2018, there were some eclipses that brought some changes into our lives. Some of us had big changes, and others of us just went with the flow. Eclipses are in conjunction with New Moon and Full Moon cycles. Their purpose is to help us grow and plant the seeds of new beginnings, while also putting things behind us that are no longer working.

New Moon eclipses are powerful emotional opportunities to begin something wonderful in love. Our hearts are stirring with new romance. You can create new romance in an existing relationship by doing something new together, whether that’s a big thing like moving in together or getting engaged, or whether that’s a small thing like just trying a new restaurant. When you do something new in your life, you open yourself up to new experiences and attract love.

Full Moon eclipses are powerful emotional opportunities to close things in our lives. The Mooneclipses some information from us, but it is also FULL which means a chapter has come to an end. This is a good time to put something behind us which is no longer working. This happens under every Full Moon. But under a Full Moon eclipse, the changes are bigger and have the potential to last as long as six months. Breakups under this period are possible, but with them, we learn what wasn’t healthy for us.

Let’s have a look at the eclipse calendar, and when we can expect the changes in summer love. Remember that the Moon is our emotional guide, and that will help us start something wonderful in love. You’ll know in your heart of hearts if it is a fling or the real thing. If you are unsure, just ask. The Moon has all of the answers this summer.

  • July 2 – Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer:

This is a New Moon in the zodiac sign that is responsible for our domestic center. Cancer is the Cardinal sign of the Water signs and rules the home, is the ultimate maternal goddess, and takes care of all of her important people. Expect new beginnings in love that are related to family. Relationships may progress to a point where you meet the parents, add new family members, or just experience a family feeling in love. You may even meet someone at a reunion! New beginnings in love connected to family.

  • July 16 – Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn:

Here we have the Full Moon wrapping up some big changes in the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs, Capricorn. With this Full Moon in a Cardinal sign, we are going to be intuitively guided towards big changes and taking the lead. You decide what you do and don’t want in love now. Be the CEO of your relationship and commit to what is best for you. Then turf what isn’t good for you to the curb.

  • July 31 and August 1 – New Moon in Leo:

This is not an eclipsed Moon, but it is the first New Moon event after eclipse season. This is happening in the Fixed sign of the Fire signs, Leo. Lovable Leo! Leo is the zodiac sign of the fifth house that is all about pleasures an entertainment. Just have fun with this! This is a good time to just enjoy love, single or attached. Singles should go out and mingle and have those flings. Couples need to let go of some stress and just enjoy life and love… together. This is the first New Moon after an eclipse that plants the seeds of fresh new beginnings together. Don’t think, just play.

Enjoy these exciting moonlit nights that are ripe with romantic new beginnings. July is going to be an exciting month for you, single or attached. Have honest fun, and love is yours for the taking.

For the Couples

For a start, things look pretty pleasant. Others will warm to this and perhaps reciprocate too. There’s an overall positive mood — and that’s a good thing for some summer frolicking! But under eclipses, big changes are coming. And change always causes stress, even when they are good changes.

Expect July to make some changes in your romantic outlook. Have fun with each other. These could be good changes like an engagement, wedding, or just moving in. Or you may just be making a fresh new commitment to each other in some exciting way. Have fun with these, and thank the Universe for the blessings that come your way when the Moon sends you all of the information you need to enjoy love.

This is a great period to stretch yourself socially, even though you may not want to. It’s quite possible that you want to stay closer to home, and if you’re already making doe-eyes at your beloved and your partner is just as content as you are to stay between the sheets, then go for it — this is an awesome time for romance.

But what if you’re single?

For the Single Folk

These lunar transits are good for those who are still looking for that special summer someone, too. Do new things with new people. Stretch yourself socially, especially when it comes to places or activities that promote love, peace, and harmony. Art galleries, museums, and other venues are ideal — who doesn’t like an open-air concert on a warm summer’s evening?

A side effect of eclipses could be that a bit more money comes your way, too. The Full Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse is going to help you close a chapter and take the lead. It will also help you to make a big change. It would be nice to have someone to spend it on, wouldn’t it?! Creativity is strong, also. This can be anything from a new art project to some form of self-expression. If you and your partner are trying for a child, this may just be the time that you conceive!

Lead With Love

Even though the question of whether this is real romance or just a summer fling doesn’t have a definite answer, please don’t put off exploring where things lead. Everything can teach you something about what you want out of romance!

Just make sure that you’re intentions are pure. In the Summer heat and hazy lazy days, it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment. We jump in and are so excited that we don’t express what we really want. Treat your partners the way you want to be treated. Be open. If it’s just a fling, say so with love. If you’re wondering if it’s just a fling, ask with love. If you want a change in a relationship, handle it the way you want to be treated.

It’s all about your intentions under eclipse season. Treat this energy with the warmth and the joy that it brings, and one way or another you’re guaranteed some kind of wonderful summer of love!

Christine Beswick