Are you feeling guilty or not guilty?

Where does the blame come from? Are you feeling guilty or not guilty for your life?

We live in a world in which everyone seeks to show that he is right. To show that someone else or others are guilty of what is happening. As Noam Chomsky says: “All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless.

Where does the blame come from?


Blame starts from childhood when you are innocent and someone else scolds you for your mistakes. Your mother, father, older brothers, relatives are blaming you. But you make mistakes because you don’t know certain things. In that way, many times children are beaten and punished.

Thus, a child brought up in violence can become a more violent man than his parents. Or he will fall to the other extreme when he becomes just the source of satisfying the child’s needs.


A child who grows up in guilt will be a shy or rebellious child. There are so many examples of children refusing to go to school. They do not like or find any reason to do so. Why?

The teacher scolds the child for not doing something or doing it wrong. Maybe the child has too much homework, or doesn’t know how to do it. He doesn’t understand or needs more explanation. Maybe he got bored at that time and was looking for something more interesting to do.

Moreover, nowadays, children read, even if they don’t do it with a physical book in their hands, but they read from the Internet, search, get informed. When the opinion of the parent or teacher is the opposite of what the child knows, his or her inner war begins. It happens for he does not find any support in those he knows he should believe in. He knows that he “works” as he can and knows, but those around him are not satisfied with what he does. From here, tears, crises of anger, and from the other side come punishments, withdrawals of promises or unfulfilled promises …

The result will be a child full of guilt, feeling as not being born worthy, full of frustration.


The church makes you feel guilty for being a sinner. That’s why you don’t have what you want, that is the reason for the life you live. In that way, you live in a continuous state of guilt.

In addition, you need to stay on your knees for praying, which ancient cultures knew as a sign of slavery.


The blame goes on and the child has the alternatives of what adults are telling him. Unfortunately, he sees that many of the adults do not respect their word. Then he begins to look for his own alternatives. On the one hand, he becomes a “perfectionist” or a “loser”, addicted to drink, drugs, fights. On the other hand, look for revenge against those around him whom he considers responsible for his inner pain. From here, revenge on parents, teachers and themselves – suicide.

In fact, as an anxious person, you are a person full of fear and guilt. You are a person dissatisfied with the life you live. Also, you will always expect something better, looking to an unknown future. Instead, you do not live what is most important: now.

As an adult, you feel guilty or blame others. It is because you do not have a better job, or a bigger, more beautiful house. It is because of money, car, another marriage. So, there will be guilt, and it will be carried on your shoulders or thrown on somebody else’s.

What can you do for not feeling guilty?

  • Look for your negative emotions to let them go.
  • Do not blame yourself for mistakes, but learn from them.
  • Don’t blame others for what you live.
  • Teach the child that there is no need to feel guilty when he does not know something. No one is born to know everything, but we all can learn.
  • Teach your child not to feel guilty for doing mistakes. Any mistake is a lesson.
  • Do good as many times as you have the opportunity, regardless of whether it is the being next to you or Mother Earth.

Are you feeling guilty or not guilty?

One of the Zamolxis Laws (33) says:

Is there a flower more beautiful than the other? Does exist one stream clearer than the other? Is there one piece of grass better than others? Each one has its strength, beauty, and ability. It is in the nature of things that the forest has different varieties of trees, grass, flowers, and animals. There are not two fingers alike at the same hand, but you need all to beat the iron. Is the left hand better than the right? Does the left eye see in another way than the right one? The above have their meaning and the below ones have their meaning, the big things have their reason and the little ones the same, the fast ones have their reason and the slow ones have them too, the things that have existed had their meaning and those who come will have their meaning, too.”

Therefore, there is no one better than you. Then, are you guilty or not guilty?

You can feel guilty for one thing – of not living your life. As Voltaire says: “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.

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