Make promises you can keep

According to the dictionary, to promise means to tell someone that you will do something. To be sure that you will do it. Everyone feels appreciation when the promise is respected. However, life is full of unfulfilled promises.

Unfulfilled promises

There are promises we make to ourselves, to others and others to us. It is a circle in which we can endlessly spin. Besides, we feel that if we complain, fight or hurt each other, we will solve something.

Types of promises

There are promises of your loved one that he will call you. He does not do it, for he is comfortable as is or because he forgot to.

There are promises parents make to the children and are not respected. The child will grow up with the idea that he is not good enough. He will think he can make promises without keeping them.

There are husband’s unkept promises that he will not drink, or that he will bring the money home. His wife and children will no longer believe in him. Children copy what they see and will have an example of a liar.

There are promises of those whom we choose to represent us. Once they have reached where they want, they forget about their promises. They will only remember one thing: how to be richer with what they take from others.

Make promises they do not keep

As a rule, they use positive forms to attract people. Words that would make them credible. When they reach where they want, they forget their words. They will have only one answer for everything: that it is not possible, because there is no money. Unfortunately, they will have money for everything they want. In this way, they represent the best example of high-level lies. Or, as Pierce Brown says,

“Liars make the best promises.”

We have candidates for all kinds of positions that win their votes by fake promises and buying people’s vote. I did not see any candidate going from place to place through the country, without security, and talking to people. I did not see them listening to people wishes and dissatisfaction. To follow them, conclude and take steps that are needed.

In my opinion, no party is better than another. Politics is all a lie. All that makes is lying, stealing, taking everything it can. If you appeal to them, to solve local problems, they throw the responsibility from one institution to another or shut them down. The taken measures are for not disturbing those who give them their complete support. Politicians are the first who do not respect the laws.

My experience

1. More than 20 years ago, as president of a polling station, I witnessed a way of falsifying the number of votes. When I had to handle over the papers, somebody took them from my hand. Besides, before entering the official office for checking, I was given the cancelled votes as counted votes for the party in question at that time. Moreover, they asked me to keep my mouth shut. I froze understanding how big the lie can be to those greedy by power. How big is the lie we live?

2. For the problems in the village where I live, I also contacted the party represented by certain people who do “what they like”. I sent messages using the party’s website and called the phone number existing on the site. Besides, I contacted the person who just occupied a leading position in the government, writing his a private message on Fb. I haven’t received an answer yet. 🙂 He could say “ I do not want, know or have time to answer. Someone else would contact you”. They all are “selling doughnuts”. The local party branch told me that someone would contact me. Nothing at all.

If indeed, those with power would have an interest in keeping promises, they would consider the people’s opinions, because the crowd votes them. Or at least, it seems to be that way. Here, I agree with what Dennis E. Adonis says:

“Voting is not a right. It is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you. ”

How can they keep promises?

Those who run the country, if they would be really interested in keeping their promises, would care about:

roads “crying” to be worked

schools to have the necessary conditions for children

– programs unchanged for years

schoolbooks with mistakes

unlighted villages at night

elderly who walk 10 km to town to buy medicine or food

children walking to school, in the dark, with a flashlight in hand

forested forests mercilessness

bureaucracy without limits

representatives of the authorities who do not comply with the law

countless laws that apply only to the simple man

– historical monuments to be repaired

All comes down to fake promises (lies) for people and the country. Thus, promises remain on paper only for election time. Otherwise, the wind takes their promises and turns them into their full accounts. They do not forget to lie.

You believe in their promises. Moreover, you give them your vote, that becomes their right to do what they want to. They are making the law and are careful to have diplomatic immunity. Therefore, they know that you cannot hold them accountable for what they do. Thus, believing in their promises, they will lead to you being broken.

What do you have left? The pain of giving them your vote and believing in them? If people don’t go to vote them, how would they be elected?

What would our world be like if we not only make promises but make things happen? What about you? Do you make promises you can keep?

Make promises you can keep
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    1. Mulțumesc din suflet pentru lectură și pentru tot ce transmiți!
      Lumină, Iubire infinită și Binecuvântări Divine pentru tine, pentru fiecare și pentru toți!


  1. In our daily walk through life, sometimes, to get out of a problem, we have made promises that we would never keep. But who takes the laurels, they are the people of politics. They can make the most advanced promises to win the votes knowing that it is not going to keep – And the worst thing is that people believe them. Good article.


    1. Hi Manuela,

      You have written an excellent article here, and I agree with you and macalder02 about empty promises. Indeed, many politicians and bureaucrats have abdicated their moral authority for Politics, Power and Profit, the 3Ps!

      In other words, they will often choose Politics, Power and Profit over Promise.

      I also wanted to comment on your article “Do You Accept Your Pain?” but it is already closed for comment. I wanted to comment there because I am and have been dealing with great pain. If you have been wondering about or noticing the scant presence of SoundEagle, then please kindly be informed that I have been away from the blogosphere for a long time until quite recently, as a result of having to deal with the daily demands of filial piety and caring duties, as explicated in the post lovingly crafted and published as a special eulogy entitled “Khai & Khim: For Always and Beyond Goodbye”, available at

      Please kindly take your time to read it as it is very involved and multidisciplinary. Moreover, this multimedia eulogy is very extensive and is best viewed on the large screen of a desktop or laptop. In addition, there are plenty of my musical compositions and arrangements for you to relish in the eulogy, should you be curious or inclined to connect with SoundEagle in the sonic domain through the universal language of music.

      May you find this autumn very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, thinking and blogging!


      1. Hello macalder02,

        If you are having trouble with accessing my post at then please be informed that the post will take a while to load completely, and will benefit from being viewed on a large screen of a desktop and laptop computer, since the lengthy multimedia post and my blog could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately.


      2. I am sorry for your loss! I have already read your tribute to your mother and left my comment there.
        “The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, will forever be around, reminding you of the love you shared, and the peace she’s finally found.”
        Thank you so much for your read , comments and appreciation!
        I am glad you are back, for I missed your kindness and beauty of your articles!
        May you have a great day every day and find power to deal with your pain!


      3. Hi Manuela,

        Thank you for your comments.

        Where does the sentence in quotation marks come from? I am referring to “The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, will forever be around, reminding you of the love you shared, and the peace she’s finally found.” It is such a beautiful message that I wish you have included it in your comment at my said post. Perhaps you can post another comment there to include this quotation. Thank you, Manuela!


  2. Sometimes I just think promises are not even true, Dear Blogger.
    I mean, you cannot promise that you will actually do something, because you have no idea what could happen today, let alone tomorrow.
    Only God knows our journey, and he often laughs at our plans and promises because often we cannot fulfill or keep them.

    If you were to make a promise to yourself though, promise that you will never make a promise. In this way we are true and honest to ourselves and the loved ones.

    All the best, Kate.


    1. You are right that you do not know what tomorrow brings you. Anyway, we live making a lot of promises. Even the marriage is based on the promises that two people are going to live together and love each other for their entire life. Does that promise means you are no true to yourself, to your husband or the other way round? 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kate.
      Have a great day every day!


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