Motivational and Inspirational Movies (10)

Teachers (1984)

I start this post with a big thank you to for writing about this movie and making me decide to watch it.

As a teacher and adult student, I have seen in schools both the excellent and very pathetic teaching. I have seen the screwed up children with the even more screwed up parents. I have also seen a lack of concern for the student’s well being. Watching this movie reminded me about all of them.

The movie gives you a snap-shot of the wrong system that does not care and sets against students and teachers willing to work. Moreover, it gives you a glimpse of what goes on behind the doors of the education profession.

Willing to work is Alex Jurel, a teacher at John F. Kennedy High School, and he believes in the educational system. Unfortunately, he is afraid to face reality. He chooses to throw his weight behind a lost cause“.

“It is because you are the one who is afraid to face reality. You are the one who is afraid to drop your shield because if you did, you have to take the risk of staying and fighting!”

– Lisa – Teachers (1984)

The end of the movie says a lot about those teachers who care about their real mission in students’ lives.

It is a movie about students and teachers fears and our society where the money is god. A film that encourages you to do what you like and to believe in yourself and your heart desires.

I am out! I can’t make a difference!

Yes, YOU can!

– Alex & Lisa – Teachers (1984)

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  1. Great review! I’ve worked as a teacher and empathise with the issues shown in this film. Thanks for reading my blog, and I’m pleased it inspired you to look at this film!


  2. Maria Daniela

    Dear Manuela thank you so much for proposing this film.
    I will try to watch it as soon as possible !
    Namaste ! ❤


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