Faces of Love (209)

Declaration – Crimes Against Humanity

by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

All over the world people testify about false covid registrations in hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers, general practitioners, etc. The figures are inflated to create global panic.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich is an attorney licensed in Germany and California. He is one of the members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. Watching his last video, I have decided to share with all those interested in the truth of “the corona fraud scandal.

More and more doctors start to unite and take a position regarding the so-called corona pandemic and the impact of the unfounded corona measures. There are the German association “Doctors for information” supported by more than 2500 doctors and experts and a Spanish group of 600 doctors called “Doctors for Truth”.

Here are a few names: Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Stefan Lanka, Dr Rashid Buttar, Prof Dr Klaus Puchel, Dr Heiko Schoning.


According to psychologists and psychotherapists who testified before the corona committee, children are traumatized on mass with the worst psychological consequences yet to be expected in the medium and long term.

– Dr Reiner Fuellmich

You are free to believe or not in what all the above are saying. To live in fear or change yourself and put your shoulder for creating a beautiful legacy for the next generations. Free of fear humanity as it has been once.

Poster credit https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/

Those who believe in real free humanity and want to become a global freedom warrior can sign up on https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/.

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The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.

— Albert Camus

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  1. Maria Daniela

    Draga Manuela, te felicit pentru aceasta postare!
    Aseara am urmarit o emisiune tv care a preluat si inserat integral clipul cu mesajul acestui Om deosebit foarte pregatit si bine documentat. -Crima impotriva umanitatii- este titlul cel mai potrivit al actiunii mascate,sub acoperire, o actiune facuta la nivel ,,inalt,, pentru ,,binele,, nostru general… actiune la care asistam cu totii pur si simplu consternati de ceea ce se intampla..
    Multumesc mult pentru postare, o voi recomenda si altora !
    Te imbratisez cu mare drag !
    Namaste ❤


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