Adding Colours to Your Life

You are in colour, and I am black and white. And? Why do not you add colours to your life?

– Joan Anderson – A year at the seaside

I was once black and white. It happened when, no matter what colours I have worn, the interior remained in non-colours: white, black, grey… It was when I lived in a dark world, the one where fears of all kinds suppressed the colours of my soul. But, the time has come for me to want something else. I have learned to laugh, to enjoy the blade of grass growing, the flower opening tingly in the sunlight. I learned to see that each person around me is a different I and thus, to add colours to my life one by one. Now, I can see that all those colours have been added to the world around me.

A world in one colour or only in non-colours?

Following a scale of emotions, you will find that everything negative is in the lower half of it. That is, where you are afraid to express your feelings. A world where your soul longs for laughter, smile, communication, but the mind does not let you. It is looking for reasons to show you that what you are doing is not right or people are judging you. Or if you do them they just fake for the same reasons: of not upsetting people and losing anything. A world where you believe what you see with your physical eyes or what others tell you only. There where the world is painted only in non-colours: white, black and grey… Or in a single colour. There is a gloomy, limited world, a World of Fear.

Instead, in the upper half of the ladder is the world where rainbows come and go. It is a world of smiles, laughter, love and gratitude. The world in which you are not afraid to express your opinions and emotions. It is a world where you feel good. You are happy because you exist and live every moment. It is a world full of colours. A vibrant world, pulsating of life.

A world in colours or a dark world?

The world is divided into two, One is vibrant in colour, and the other is gloomy and colourless.

– Biju Karakkonam

The dark world is the world you know because it is the one ruled and manipulated by fear. Living in, you do not think that there are other ways to live your life than those shown and lived by those around you. Out of fear, you are not allowed thinking that you can live in other colours than the ones in which you know that you should or that it is good for you.

Your world changes and all kinds of colours begin to appear when you let yourself knock on the door of your soul to open it and live as you feel and like. Then you enter a world full of colours, a world of love.

Everyone wants to live in a world of colours. But the colours do not add up themselves or waiting for someone else to do it for you. You are the only one who can add colours to your life. You are the only one who can get out of the shell of your fears and enjoy the infinity of light and colour.

And the colours you can add to your life abound around you …

Where can I add colours?

From nature

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As I have said so many times, we can learn a lot from nature. You can choose the clear spring or summer sky … The blue of the water flowing quietly through the mountains. You can choose the rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Or you can get drunk with the rainbow of flowers and butterflies.

At any time, the Earth gives you a gift of colour, and it is a gift of love. Your joy of adding a new colour to your life becomes a gift of happiness for those around you. Actually,

When You Give Someone a Gift of Colour, You Give Them a Gift of Love

– Anthony T. Hincks

From children

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The purest and the deepest minds are the ones who love colour the most.

– John Ruskin

Beyond nature, few are those who cannot rejoice when they hear the child’s colourful laugh, and the child laughs if he is happy only. You can add love colours to your life by following the little hand that draws the sun and the heart, the butterfly and the tree. The colours of love and sincerity with which he draws all his loved ones.

In my opinion, children have a pure and deep mind. Asked why they do a thing the way they do it, they will say “this is how I like it, this is how I know, this is how I learned when I was older :)” because some of them believe they have been older before being children. They express what they feel, without hiding behind thoughts and words. The children have not been to school yet, and their minds are still not full of doubts and fears. They just put together the colours that sing for them.

Can you add colours to your life?

We all have colours that sing for us. The culture we are part of, the language we speak, the life we live, everything makes us add colours to our lives. The colour that sings for you and makes you happy feels it or sees it in your eyes in your behaviour to those around you. Your change affects him/her as well, and theirs affects others … Thus, our change affects the world.

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By adding colours to your life, you add colours to the world.

This world is like a rainbow or flower garden. Each nation donates different colours. Tribe, religion, race, language, traditions and different cultures, etc. The differences make this life more beautiful. What would happen if the Earth contains black or white only? Rainbow with one colour. Flower gardens with one kind of flower. We are all the colours of life.

– Andry Lavigne

You and I and We all add our colours to the world. Then why do not do it using the colours of the love and happiness to create a better and more beautiful world? Let us do it loving each other multicoloured, as the Romanian poet Racoltă Petru says:

Let Us Love Multicoloured

I followed you among ripe fruits you wandered me among the leaves.
Then you turned to love in yellow,
While I was waiting for you in blue,
You were looking for me among the sunflowers,
And I was searching through mountain springs.
It is hard when we love in different colours, 
And our paths get lost in parallel horizons;
Let us love each other multicolour.
We will have more chances to find ourselves
On paths painted in thousands of shades,
Chosen in an order only known to us
and shared from a glance of the eyes,
Even if they are of other colours.

Adding colours to your life, you are happy, and the world becomes multicoloured.

Add colours to your life!

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With Love,

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  2. Life is full of so many exotic wonders

    I loved the different vibrants of colour but when it comes to photographs just something about black and white seeing the variations of shadows and dark and light brings the caption to life.




    1. You are right, the black and white photographs are beautiful.
      As you also said, life is full of so many wonders. Therefore, the choice of the way of living our life is ours: in black and white or in the whole its beauty. 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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