Motivational and Inspirational Movies (13)

King Arthur (2004)

King Arthur movie from 2004 deserves a fair approach, for it has little to do with the traditional legends of King Arthur.

This movie revolves around Arthur as a centurion and his men in an earlier period during Roman times. They are sent on a mission to save an important Italian family before they are captured and killed by an invading Saxon army. For stopping that army, Arthur and his men make an alliance with the locals called Woads.

It is a movie with a bit of romance, comedy, drama and a lot of action. Therefore, it is a movie about courage, loyalty, honour, duty and values. A movie about a man who is loyal to his beliefs even when those around him dismiss those beliefs.

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What? That some people are born to be slaves?

No. That isn’t true! All men are free, equal. … Each of us has the right to chose his own destiny.


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