Faces of Love (212)

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Astra Museum Sibiu

It is the most beautiful open-air museum in Europe

– Dutch curator Bernet Kempers

The Astra Museum is situated in Dumbrava Forest, Sibiu County, Transylvania.

It contains a vast number of old houses, windmills and watermills (400 traditional architecture and technology monuments, and thousands of other ethnographic objects).

The museum is one of the most important institutions of this kind in Europe, helping you to discover the traditional rural Romanian lifestyle.

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According to the existing information on the website of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Technical Heritage from Sibiu allows the reconstruction of technical archetypes from:
– Neolithic;
– the Geto-Dacian period;
– medieval era

In 2008, UNESCO established the Prize for Pre-Industrial Technical Heritage, and awarded to the “Astra” Museum in Sibiu, as a sign of recognition for the exhibited heritage and the scientific research of this institution.

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.

― Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Thank you so much dear Manuela! The Astra Museum in Sibiu is wonderful, it is a place dear to my heart that I ask you to visit, you will not regret..
    I wish you a wonderful week with Blessings and much Love !


    1. You are more than welcome!
      I have visited the museum many times, and I try to see it every time I go to Sibiu.
      Thank you for your kindness, Daniela! A wonderful week to you, too! ❤ 🔆 🙏 ❤


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