A little bit of Heaven (167)

The Lady’s Rocks

The reserve of “The Lady’s Rocks” is located at 14 km from Câmpulung Moldovenesc, on the ridge of Rarău Massif.

The Lady’s Rocks are a formation of calcareous rocks bordered by a belt of rubble (angular stones detached from the mountain), covered by pine bushes and junipers.

The legend says that The Lady’s Rocks are related to Elena, the ruler’s Petru Rareș wife. Betrayed by boyars, he started his exile in Transylvania, while his wife Elena and son Ștefăniță took refuge in a cave. It is said that large rocks collapsed on their attackers and buried the ruler’s fortune.

Photo credit Dan Fador from Pixabay 

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10 thoughts on “A little bit of Heaven (167)

  1. Dear Manuela, thank you for sharing such beautiful treasures with us. I’ve never visited this area, but it surely looks like a a little bit of heaven.
    Have a beautiful week!


    1. You are more than welcome and thank you for your kindness, Mihaela!
      In my opinion, every palm of this country is a little bit of heaven!
      Have a wonderful week, too!


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