Motivational and Inspirational Movies (15)

Spartacus (1960)

Spartacus is an inspiring piece of history with a great message “a human spirit is not designed to live in slavery”. It is a film with a huge emotional appeal, with passion, politics and betrayal.

In a timeless story of a slave turned into a gladiator, the story touches the heart. The gladiator is leading a revolt of escaped gladiators and slaves across Italy for their freedom against the Roman’s dictatorship. You will find three stories within this movie: the suffering life of the slaves, the Roman’s taking their lives for granted and the corruption in the government. Shortly, the movie expresses the old saying that “history repeats itself”: politics is corruption, there are poor people and rich people, good people and egoistic people who do not care for others.

Bargain with criminals?

Politics is a practical profession. If a criminal has what you want you better be fair with him.

– from Spartacus movie

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Spartacus is a masterpiece involving passionate love and both the concept of slavery and freedom. It is a mirror of the simple life in slavery and the missing morality from the antagonists in the Roman Senate.

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