A LOVE Letter

Love letter to my soul

To my Soul,

I love YOU. I do not know if I will ever say those three words enough. Unfortunately, I think you have not heard of them at all for a long time, and I am sorry about that.

You and I have been through so much together. You know me with mascara running across my face, and my nose running. You know me crying and screaming out my lungs. You know me smiling and laughing until my stomach hurts. All are because you are the only one allowed to see my true self. Therefore you know me better than anyone in the world. You are the most valuable piece of “I”.

I have been overwhelmed with my ego, and I always said I do not have enough time to give you much attention. Now, I can say that I hated being apart from you, and I almost waited a lifetime to remember that I love YOU. That has changed. Do you know why? Because I love YOU!

With Love,


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10 thoughts on “A LOVE Letter

  1. Thank you so much dear Manuela! It is always a wonderful thing..a wise thing
    to appreciate and love our Souls.
    I wish you a beatiful week with Blessings and much Love !
    ❤ ❤ ❤


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