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Battle of the Brave (2004)

The film was initially titled New France because the plot takes place in Quebec before and after British Invasion. That was shot mainly in Quebec and Eastern Canada, which makes the film realistic.

Even if you think of a big battle picture, the focus is not too much on war and battles. The focal point is the life of a young peasant single mother Marie-Loup, and her passion for Francois, an aristocratic trapper. So, the film is more a love story with historical background, than a big battle picture.

The real battle is in the hearts of the main characters. They have to make difficult choices during a time of important international political events. However, it is not to say the movie is all romance. There is history, action, drama and comedy, too.

The film is brutally honest as a picture of people, governments and institutions, because all can be corrupted. The last ones are good or bad as the people from which they are comprised.

This is an excellent Canadian historical drama, a great story not known to the wider public. As actors, I knew Gerard Depardieu, but the actors all are great!

The ending scene is powerful! No matter the tragedy, the beauty and positivity rise from the ashes like the Phoenix bird.

In my opinion, this movie is unique and one of the best movies I have ever seen!

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