A little bit of Heaven (173)

Muddy Volcanoes

Muddy volcanoes are formations created by natural gas from 3,000 meters deep, which pass through clay mixed with groundwater. The gases push water mixed with clay to the surface. The mud formed by them comes to the surface. In those places, it dries in contact with the air, forming conical structures of different heights similar to volcanoes. Coming to the surface from layers of clay the mud is cold. (Wikipedia)

There are about 1,100 muddy volcanoes in the world. In Europe, the phenomenon is quite rare. Yet, in Romania, the most famous and spectacular are the Muddy Volcanoes from Beciu in the Buzău Subcarpathians.

The Muddy Volcanoes Reservation is named the place where “the earth boils”. It lies on approximately 30 ha between the Buzau localities Scorțoasa and Berca and consists of 4 areas: La Fierbători, Pâclele Mari, Pâclele Mici and Beciu. See the nice video below.

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