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Motivational and Inspirational Movies (17)

Battle of the Brave (2004)

The film was initially titled New France because the plot takes place in Quebec before and after British Invasion. That was shot mainly in Quebec and Eastern Canada, which makes the film realistic.

Even if you think of a big battle picture, the focus is not too much on war and battles. The focal point is the life of a young peasant single mother Marie-Loup, and her passion for Francois, an aristocratic trapper. So, the film is more a love story with historical background, than a big battle picture.

The real battle is in the hearts of the main characters. They have to make difficult choices during a time of important international political events. However, it is not to say the movie is all romance. There is history, action, drama and comedy, too.

The film is brutally honest as a picture of people, governments and institutions, because all can be corrupted. The last ones are good or bad as the people from which they are comprised.

This is an excellent Canadian historical drama, a great story not known to the wider public. As actors, I knew Gerard Depardieu, but the actors all are great!

The ending scene is powerful! No matter the tragedy, the beauty and positivity rise from the ashes like the Phoenix bird.

In my opinion, this movie is unique and one of the best movies I have ever seen!

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Loving pebbles ...

Faces of Love (213)

Making pebbles speak Love …

It seems strange to love pebbles … What about making them speak Love?

You can see pebbles almost everywhere. They have their place and role in nature like anything else. It is said they are a symbol of gravity, connection to the earth, symbol of stability, longevity and strength. Hence the expression “as solid as a rock”.

Why love them?

It is said that by holding a pebble in your hand, you can tune into the calming effect of stones and rocks. They are absorbers of the heat of the sun, and the coolness of the earth. Also, they are like little batteries, storing up memory and energy over long periods of time.

Picking up pebbles and stones on your path, you can listen to what they have to say“. 

Listening to those in the work below, I would say that they all speak about Love.

Walking on pebbles, you could find diamonds … or you could transform the pebbles into diamonds.

How to make them speak Love?

Selma from Constanța, Romania makes ripples with pebbles “dropped” into a frame because she expresses her soul’s beauty while “painting” with those pebbles. She works with them as her soul urges, making them speak Love.

Have a look at some of her work. For questions and purchase, please contact her:

Selma Art


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Motivational and Inspirational Movies (16)

The Second Chance

Ikinci Sans (2016)

The film presents the lives of two people whose paths are intersecting. In this way, they leave marks on each other life leading them to changes.

Yasemin is a beautiful woman and a math teacher. Cemal is a charismatic man, likes cooking and owns a restaurant. She is shy, and he is extroverted. She cannot forgive her past and tries to live by mathematical calculations, and he tries to get rid of his past but refuses to accept the present.

Both characters have a child, thanks to whom they will get to know each other, although, in everyday life, they would not look at each other. However, they both have one thing in common: the need for a second chance in love.

It is a life lesson about understanding the truth about yourself and understanding one of the others. It is a film about love and life, about accepting the past, living the present and feeling the future.

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