Faces of Love (218)

Light and darkness

Should we be afraid of the light? I think we should not, but many times we are. To see the light means to dig through the darkness.

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Faces of Love (215)

A Mother Like Alex by Bernard Clark


by Manuela Timofte

It is a book about a mother and her family. That would be the shortest way of describing the book. Yet, it is about more than that. The book is not about an ordinary family. It is about a single woman adopting kids with disabilities and making an unusual and special family.

While in most families the birth of a baby with Down’s syndrome put pressure on the parents, Alex, a single woman adopted nine special children (seven Down’s kids).

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Faces of Love (214)

Making pebbles speak Love (2)

It seems strange to love pebbles… What about making them speak Love?

As I said in the first post about pebbles, you can see them almost everywhere. They have their place and role in nature like anything else. Pebbles express our connection to the earth. Also, they are a symbol of gravity, stability, longevity and strength. Hence the expression “as solid as a rock”.

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Putna Waterfall

A little bit of Heaven (175)

Putna Waterfall

Putna Waterfall is located in The Carpathian Mountains, in Vrancea County, on Putna River, about 2 km downstream from the village Lepșa.

This waterfall is very accessible on a short road (2D National Road) that crosses the mountains and connects Moldova and Transylvania through the Tulnici Pass.

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Putna Waterfall is also known as “Săritoarea Putnei” (Putna Jumping). Yet, it is rather a waterfall with steps, about 80m in length. Its water has a speed of 9m to 18m/s.

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The waterfall ends in a quiet, green lake, of 12 m depth.

Due to its beauty and natural features, Putna Waterfall was declared a Natural Monument, in 1973.

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