A little bit of Heaven (175)

Putna Waterfall

Putna Waterfall is located in The Carpathian Mountains, in Vrancea County, on Putna River, about 2 km downstream from the village Lepșa.

This waterfall is very accessible on a short road (2D National Road) that crosses the mountains and connects Moldova and Transylvania through the Tulnici Pass.

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Putna Waterfall is also known as “Săritoarea Putnei” (Putna Jumping). Yet, it is rather a waterfall with steps, about 80m in length. Its water has a speed of 9m to 18m/s.

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The waterfall ends in a quiet, green lake, of 12 m depth.

Due to its beauty and natural features, Putna Waterfall was declared a Natural Monument, in 1973.

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