Faces of Love (214)

Making pebbles speak Love (2)

It seems strange to love pebbles… What about making them speak Love?

As I said in the first post about pebbles, you can see them almost everywhere. They have their place and role in nature like anything else. Pebbles express our connection to the earth. Also, they are a symbol of gravity, stability, longevity and strength. Hence the expression “as solid as a rock”.

Why love them?

Picking up pebbles and stones on your path, you can listen to what they have to say“. 

They are absorbers of the heat of the sun, and the coolness of the earth. Storing up memory and energy over long periods they are like some batteries. You can tune into the calming effect of stones and rocks by holding a pebble in your hand…

Can you make them speak Love?

I was writing last year about Selma. She loves expressing her soul by arranging pebbles in frames. She is doing art from them.

The work you see above belongs to a 12-year girl, Beatrice. She loves painting stones and making them gifts to people around her.

In my opinion, she makes them speak colour, beauty, innocence. She makes them speak love…

Walking on pebbles, you could find diamonds. Working with pebbles as your soul tells you to, you could transform them into art, into diamonds.

Following our hearts, we might change our world.

Photo by sarajuggernaut from Pixabay 



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8 thoughts on “Faces of Love (214)

  1. Beautiful sentiments. My daughter loves painting pebbles like this, the children in the village paint them and leave them places for other children to find, it makes walks more joyful and interesting.

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    1. You are right: they are beautiful sentiments, and those children are beautiful souls. Their paintings bring colours, beauty and joy to our world.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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