Is All in vain?

«In vain», for you can’t, in vain, for you will fail, in vain, for you will not have enough money… They all are words often used in our society and with a very low connotation most of the time. I have often heard them in my life. Probably you, too. But is it all in vain?

A Warrior of the Light does not waste his time listening to provocations; he has a destiny to fulfill.

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«In vain»

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«In vain» is like for nothing, unsuccessful, of no value, having no purpose or meaning, you do not succeed in achieving what you intend, it is to no purpose. According to the dictionary, «in vain» means useless, pointless, without success.

So, in life, it seems we do a lot of things … «in vain».

  • waiting in vain
  • all our work is in vain
  • living in vain
  • loving in vain
  • lives lost in vain
  • apologise in vain

Therefore, we know ALL is in vain. Is it true?

I’ve wondered many times why «in vain» is used so often. How does anyone know that someone else will not succeed in what he sets out to do? How does he know that someone else’s point of view is not good? Does anyone have the universal truth? Of course, another can do things better than you do because he likes what he does. He does it with passion and believes in what he does.

  • You do not wait in vain but see that everything happens when the right time comes.
  • Your work is not in vain, for it will be useful to someone else.
  • You are not living in vain because others exist because of you.
  • You are not loving in vain but see love is not what or how you thought.
  • No lives are lost in vain. We have to learn that wars should not exist and change things in our world.
  • No apology is in vain, for some people are not taught that apologising dos not mean weakness.

If you do everything just because of what others say or just to please the crowd, it will often be in vain. If you feel more comfortable using the words «in vain» than changing your decision, then, it is useless saying «in vain.» Yet, life proves that everything makes sense in this world to everyone who wants to see it. That everything happens for a purpose.


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I associate the words «in vain» with fear, with giving up, running away from doing something. Moreover, those words have low connotations, and their meaning is negative when translated into action. Therefore, they have negative energy.

To take action means to do something. It does not mean to run or give up. The meaning of the words «in vain» disappears in action. Everything makes sense and is no longer useless and pointless.

Probably, most of the time you consider it is better to be somewhere in the middle, where you do not take decisions. In that way, nobody can blame you. In my opinion, you are not in the middle. You have already made the decision not to act, but you do not have the guts to express it directly or … act. Thus, you have made a decision, and it seems wise to you because you are safe from the risk of losing something you think is important: job, money, others’ respect. Usually, the answer you have in your mind for «in vain» is «better do not.» You don’t solve anything, don’t change anything, you can’t do anything.

Then, in vain is no purpose and

If you hang out with chickens, you’re going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles, you’re going to fly.

Steve Maraboli

«In vain» seems to be a synonym with living without a purpose, yet we all come into this life with a well-defined purpose. We need to remember it and work toward that goal. For that, it means changing our energy. To do that, we need to ask ourselves questions and look for answers. We need to accept that we live in fear, that we were/are selfish. In other words, it hurts to find out who we were to understand who we really are.

I have been on the road of «all is in vain» and I disliked it. I was feeling I was not myself. I have known it is not easy to give up that road and start digging a new one, but work never scared me. I knew I had to change how I looked at myself and others. I have taught myself to look for the positive part in what life brings me. In that way, I have come to the understanding that everyone and everything has a role in my life as I may have in others’.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Robert Byrne

My life path has taught me nothing is in vain. Behind everything that happens in my life is a reason: to see and learn something. Now, I choose to say to myself «let’s see what is around the corner», and I make up my mind then, for

Nothing is in vain!

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