A little bit of Heaven (177)

Living/ growing rocks from Ulmet

Next to the Muddy Volcanoes and “living fires“, there is another geological wonder in the county Buzău. It is what we can see in the Ulmet village, in Bozioru zone.

That village is surrounded by wooded hills, and on one of the peaks, there are spectacular formations for which the physics laws seem inapplicable.

  • They defy the laws of gravity by balancing on the sandy hill
  • Some are trapped in the sand, while others are almost free
  • They have nodular, spheroidal, ellipsoidal, cylindrical or dendritic shapes.
  • They can weigh from a few grams to a few tons.
  • While some of the rocks are perfectly oval, others are in the shape of flying saucers.

Due to the way the rocks called trovants are suspended on top of the hill, they were given the name of Babele de la Ulmet (The Old Women from Ulmet). The tallest of them is two meters, but the strange thing is that the rock formation is on a sandy plateau, isolated.

Scientific explanations:

According to geologists, the trovants are concretions of sandstone layers rich in calcium carbonate. When the surface becomes wet, the minerals begin to spread and create pressure on the sand, which causes it to expand and the stones to “grow”.


There are many legends about “living stones”. Some people think they have miraculous energy powers. Thus, if an angry man touches them, he gets rid of the annoyances and rejoices.

True or false? Visit and try it! 🙂

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