A little bit of Heaven (179)

Hațeg Country UNESCO Global Geopark

Hațeg Country UNESCO Global Geopark located in southwestern Transylvania is the first International Geopark from Romania and East Europe. This park has become a UNESCO site, for its geological and cultural heritage for education, science and tourism.

The unique beauty of the place takes you on a time journey of the history of our planet. It is enhanced by “elements of special geological interest, along with elements of ecological, archaeological, historical and cultural interest.”

The uniqueness of the park consists of the discovery of dwarf dinosaurs (they are unique in the world). 

Shortly, the beauty and uniqueness of the geopark are given by:

English Terra brochure here: http://www.hateggeoparc.ro
English Nature brochure here: http://www.hateggeoparc.ro
An English Geosite book here: http://www.hateggeoparc.ro
Photo by moonzigg from Pixabay 



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