Motivational and Inspirational Movies (31)

In Pursuit of Honor (1995)

Today’s movie is about horses. Being an animal lover (my favourites are dogs and horses), horses again… 🙂

I found this movie on Youtube when looking for something else. After watching it, I decided to tell you about it instead of posting what I had planned for.

It is said that In Pursuit of Honor is a movie based on a true story. A story of brave and decent soldiers with loving hearts, men who risk their careers and lives to stand up for their beliefs and love for the horses.

I do not know if there is a true story behind it or not. Actually, nowadays, nobody can prove whether it was a true or a fiction story behind it. Yet, I cannot stop thinking that we are living in a world of lies. There are so many things in this world hidden by governments and politics, documents destroyed and history re-written as they want to be seen/ known by the masses for the sake of power and money. However, it is inhumane to kill horses because the army couldn’t afford to feed them. There are other ways to give up on them after being in service.

Going back to the movie it mixes the elements of an old western with that of an old war movie. The Army decides that the Horse Calvary is old-fashioned, and the bureaucrats in Washington order the Horses of the Calvary to be “destroyed” by machine guns in order to save money. There is a slaughter scene …

A young Calvary Officer (Lt. Marshall Buxton) and three old veterans Calvary take the horses from the death squads and lead them through the rough countryside to get them to safety. Yet, because of their action, they are pursued by the Army as criminals.

These soldiers of yours, these renegades will be caught. They will be convicted and will be punished apropriately. The horses will be destroyed as I have ordered.

Douglas MacArthur
Image by Fabien from Pixabay 

While the Retired Colonel Stuart pleads with General Douglas MacArthur for tolerance, his daughter Jessica Stuart, a reporter with the American press asks for help from a British News Paper man to both bring the story to the public and bring pressure on the Army to stop what it’s doing.

This movie is both heart-wrenching and heartwarming. It is a movie about doing what is right with respect and honour.

It is a great story of courage, sacrifice, integrity, and decency, with an excellent cast and uplifting ending. It teaches us the greater truths of life and respect for animals.



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