With or without a mask…

Looking around you day after day, it sometimes seems as if you are at a masked ball. Since we live in a society where everyone wears a mask… more or less. We use them to hide our anger, our ignorance, our fear, our greed… to hide, to put on a false face, but one that we believe fits society’s requirements. Some with masks are seen as worthier than those without…

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Motivational and Inspirational Movies (34)

The Perfect Family/ La Familia Perfecta (2021)

Inspired by our life, and the idea that it does not matter what world you are coming from, the movie depicts through drama and comedy, the way you can reinvent yourself as long as you wish and find your inner strength to do it. Even if “The Perfect Family” (La Familia perfecta) is not a highly-rated movie, I liked it.

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10 World Records & 10 Romanian counties

In an old post 10 Misconceptions about Romania, I was talking about the misconceptions people are fed with and know nothing about Romania. In case you intend to visit Romania, to see its beautiful landscapes, I give you the name of ten counties you can visit. They are “housing” 10 world records as you can read below.

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