A little bit of Heaven (181)

Gura Portiței (The Mouth of the Little Gate)


ocated on a strip of sand, 50 km from Tulcea, between the Black Sea and two lakes of the Razim-Sinoe complex, “Gura Portiței” is a unique place in Europe.

Discovered in 1736, and initially a fishing village, this corner of paradise has been developed since 1998. Thus, Gura Portiței has become a holiday village.

Travelling by water or land to reach that place, you can admire both flora and fauna specific to the Danube Delta and the Black Sea.

Located away from the noise of crowded places and because cars are forbidden, Gura Portiței offers you only “the noise” of the breeze and the waves. A land of beauty and relaxation…



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  1. Hello, my dear follower I was just checking out your page and I can say I love it congrats on your books I have a question about your children’s books as you may know I’m also an author 🙂 Question did you illustrate your children’s book on your own I ask because I too am working on a children’s book and would love to get pointers as you know one cannot have enough information or tips Also some of your pages aren’t coming up when clicked on you might want to check that.. Have a great day friend.

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    1. Thank you for your kindness! Yes, I do illustrate the books on my own, but most of them are coloring books.
      I am sorry you encountered problems with some pages, and will check them. Have a great day, too!

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