A little bit of Heaven (186)

Medias (Mediaș) Fortress

Medias town is located in Sibiu county and is one of the most representative medieval towns in southern Transylvania. . It is attested in 1267, and named for the first time “civitas” (city) in 1359.

The measure for the first fortification to support Medias defence capacity was taken in 1477. It was made using waves of earth reinforced with wooden palisades and doubled with water ditches.

The current fortified enclosure of the city was built of brick and stone. That construction began in 1490 and was completed in 1534.


The fortifications have 2360 m in length, 0.8 m in depth and about 7 m in height. The three main gates of the fortress are reinforced with towers of defence. The maximum point of fortification is reached in the 18th century when there were 19 towers and bastions, and four more main gates were added.

Over the centuries, the Medias fortress had to withstand numerous sieges, being conquered and devastated several times by the occupation armies. Considerable destruction has been made by the siege of the Ioan Zapolya’s troops in 1529.


Since the end of the 18th century, the walls of the fortress have not been maintained or built any more. Finally, at the beginning of the 20th century, 13 towers and bastions were demolished to streamline traffic.

If you listen to the local whisper, visiting the fortress you will find underground tunnels and the magic of the golden grapes in Medias.


To read more, visit the site https://visitmedias.com you will read about Medias experiences in the form of “City life”, “Local Gastronomy”, “Local Hospitality” and “The Transylvanian spirit”, where a “Small dictionary of Transylvanian words” is included. You have a few words below:

  • jinars – brandy
  • mintenaș – quick
  • fain – beautiful
  • porodici – tomatoes
  • ioi – OMG! 🙂


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