A little bit of Heaven (188)

Reborn from ruins – Nopcsa Castle

The Nopcsa Castle is located in the village of Săcel, seven kilometres from the town of Hațeg, in Hunedoara county.

The castle was built around 1872 and was the property of the Naláczy family. According to legend, the Naláczy family owed so much to the Nopcsa family that in exchange for the debt, Baron László Nopcsa (III) called “Black Face”, seized this domain.

Leszay izabella – Nopcsa Castle, Original image from 1926

Baron’s younger son, Elek, was the one who built the castle, moved here and carried out modern agricultural works, for he was the first to bring a threshing machine to Hunedoara County.

Elek’s first son, the adventurer (V.) Ferenc was a scientist who specialized in palaeontology and discovered the fossils of several species of dwarf dinosaurs in the Haţeg Country. He held noble and academic titles. Also, he was a diplomat and a spy but had a tragic end in a hotel in Vienna with his lover, Bajazid Doda.

The castle was used as a school and preschool camp in the first years after the Second World War. After a while, it became a school and boarding school for children with special needs. In the early 2000s, the school was closed, and the historic building was left in ruins for many years.

Țetcu Mircea RareșNopcsa Castle from Săcel, april 2012

The restoration of the monument started in 2019. Therefore, in the last three years, the interior of the building was redone, the facades and the roof were restored, and the carpentry and installations were replaced. In the coming weeks, the arrangement of the courtyard will be completed.

The historical monument will re-enter the tourist circuit this summer. 🙂




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    1. I am glad you like Romanian places. I am Romanian and proud to say it. However, the castle was built around 1872. In the book “The adventures and travels of Baron Nopcsa” you can read: “In 1889, he (Elek Nopcsa) came into possession of the castle from Săcel near Hațeg, where he moved with the whole family.” Moreover, there is a copy of Chimney cleaning receipt, from 1880. So, the castle could not have been built in 1936.
      I am glad you like the idea of visiting the place.

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