A little bit of Heaven (189)

Slivuț Forest

The Slivuț Forest is a protected area of national interest, located near the town of Hateg. It has an area of 40 ha and is included in the “Hațeg Country” Dinosaur Geopark.

Since 1958, in this forest there is a bison reserve, and it is among the few places in Europe where bisons live. This is how the bison became the symbol of “Hațeg Country”.


The first bison Podarek and Polanka were brought in 1958 from Poland. A year later, another bison, Pumila, was also brought from Poland. In few years, the reservation in Hațeg has reached 12 bison specimens. Those born in Romania, received names starting with “Ro”.

“An unwritten law, but strictly respected, says that the names of the bisons born in our country must begin with the letter “R” or even with the code “RO”.


About Bison:

  • The bison is considered the largest herbivorous mammal in Europe.
  • Bison are an endangered animal species. Although large and fierce, bison is a sociable animal, living in herds of 10-20 individuals.
  • Its most developed senses are hearing and smell.
  • While mature males weigh between 440 and 920 kilograms, females are smaller, weighing between 320 and 640 kilograms.
  • Starting in March bisons moult for 3-4 months. During molting large pieces of wool hang from the fur. Therefore, the animals have an unkempt appearance during this period.
  • Currently, there are approximately three thousand specimens of bison in the world.
  • It is protected by national and international laws as a monument of nature.

Once upon a time, the bison family occupied Europe and North America. The Caucasian bison has disappeared forever. The last specimen died in 1927. An individual, male, aged 1 year, was caught and taken to Germany in 1908, where he lived for 18 years in captivity. From its mating with several bison females, hybrid descendants, the so-called European bison, appeared. They are the great-grandfathers of those that can be admired today in the Slivuț Forest.






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