Muddy volcanoes

A little bit of Heaven (173)

Muddy Volcanoes

Muddy volcanoes are formations created by natural gas from 3,000 meters deep, which pass through clay mixed with groundwater. The gases push water mixed with clay to the surface. The mud formed by them comes to the surface. In those places, it dries in contact with the air, forming conical structures of different heights similar to volcanoes. Coming to the surface from layers of clay the mud is cold. (Wikipedia)

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40 Inspirational Quotes

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Take the chance

Some take a chance because they believe that life gives them what is the best.

Others take the second chance because they already missed the first one. Some people never get second chances.

Most do not take any chance because they are scared of mistakes, hurt or embarrassed.

However, behind your mistakes, there are steps outside of your comfort zone. They are steps to take your new chances.

Look around you to any flower. They all take the chance of growing and following the light. They do not know how long they will live, how soon a person will pick them up. Yet, they take the chance they have: to live as they know.

Take the chance of living your life as you wish!

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A little bit of Heaven (171)


(Transrarauwinding Road)

Rarau Mountains are part of the Eastern Carpathians in Romania. The Transrarauwinding Road crosses the Rarau Mountains to an altitude of 1,400 m.

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It is declared the third most beautiful alpine road in Romania, after Transalpina and Transfăgărășan and it is known as “the Road of Treasure”.

The road has a length of 28 km and connects the villages of Chiril (south) and Pojorata (north).

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With miles of stunning scenery, this road facilitates access to Cabana Rarau, and to the famous and beautiful natural monument, the Lady’s Rock.

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