Life Is The Wonder

Heavenletter #5820

October 31, 2016

God said:

With the words Beloved God – even as I say so Myself — what a way to start off your day! Do you know a better way? Do you know another way so golden to start your brain waves and your heart so simply and in such a lasting uplifting natural way? Two words that set you on track for your day.

Start off your day with the words Beloved God.  You can elaborate if you like. Remember this isn’t a prayer or a request you are making. You are talking to Me. It is Truth. I am with you. Your pointing to the Belovedness of God reminds you of Our Connection. To start off at a good place – which is to say to start off strong — grounds you in the Kingdom of Heaven wherein you truly abide.

Have you not on occasion started your day with: “Oh, no, I just want to go back to sleep.”

In addition to not wanting to get up at all, have you also sometimes wanted not to go to work or to school or have to do anything that involves your going out into the world? Oh, how you may want to lounge in bed and not have to face the world! On some days this feels Heavenly to you!

Yet, in Life as you may know it, there is no break from the world, the world which you equate to be Life.

Sometimes you may wish to be someone without feelings, without even the most joyful of feelings for a while, for you feel that Life exerts equal pressure relevant to gladness and/or painfulness. At some point, you may just be ready to dispense with all kinds of feelings, inasmuch as one kind of feeling seems to require and bounce off another.

Maybe in sleep, you get a little time off from Life in the World. Eating a key lime pie is delicious and lets you forget Life for only a few minutes. According to how you may feel at any given moment, even Life at Its Best doesn’t compensate for when Earth Life is not at its best according to how you may feel about it.

Appreciate Life for Itself, can you? You don’t have to go by how Life pleases or displeases you. For Heaven’s sakes, there is more to Life than your whirling in joy or flattening yourself out on rough terrain.

You may be measuring Life from one point to another, forgetting the circumference. Try measuring with a soft velvet ribbon. Or, better yet, leave measuring alone altogether.

Whatever you drink is a drink. Whether it is your favorite root beer or your least favorite sour lemonade, it is still a drink. It serves. Every drink does not have to be your epitome of a drink.

And so with life. Life doesn’t have to be what is your most favorite Portion of Life. Who said Life is supposed to be according to how you would prefer it? Remember the fairy tale of the Princess and the Pea? Even a pile of one-hundred mattresses didn’t prevent the Princess from feeling the discomfort of the pea that lay under the furthermost mattress.

Come to the place where you can value Life as it is, whether it is made up of the way you like or made up of a way you do not like. Regardless, it is Life.

Life does not wait on you hand and foot. Perhaps, more to the point is the question: How do you, beloveds, serve Life?

You may be inclined to wait for Life to appear in dazzling array, when Life has no such duty. Life is Life, and Life is the Wonder. You are included in this Wonder.

Life is an Experience on Earth. Let’s find a way to get you away from the idea that Life is right to be one way and wrong to be another. Life is not always pick and choose. With life, you cannot go around pinching all the tomatoes to find the el primo one you most favor. Do not pinch the Fruit of Life to possess only that which you in this moment find ripe.

Even the fruit you do not like and don’t want may hold a treasure for you. In the situations considered the most dire, you still have Life.

You have decided what is acceptable and what is not. You decide ahead of time and close your mind and heart.

Remember the little lame boy who so desired to run and play and could not? Of course, he would have preferred to run and play. Naturally, he would have preferred to be free. Oh, just to think of the joy of running free!

Yet all the boys who can and do run free, they may have overlooked the gift of being light of limb and focused on something that they don’t have. Someone who is short wants to be tall. Think more deeply, beloveds. Be profound.

In the story of The Little Lame Prince, it says:

“The more the little lame Prince had, the more he wanted; and it is not always that one can have everything one wants — at least, at the exact minute one craves for it; not even though one is a Prince, and has a powerful and beneficent Godmother.”

“Then the Little Prince suddenly remembered his Godmother’s express command — “Open the skylight!”

“… [Imagine] the happiness of the little lame Prince when he got out of the Hopeless Tower…”

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