Let There Be Light

Heavenletter #5821
1 November 2016

God said:

Welcome yourself to Planet Earth. Perhaps you have felt that your feet do not belong on Earth. You have wondered what you are doing here. Sometimes it has seemed to you that you are serving a sentence in darkness. You would prefer to have your feet off the ground.
You are on a trip, dear ones!
While you are here, you belong here. You are a visitor here. You were not born and bred here. In one sense, it can be said that you belong anywhere and everywhere. If you are here, you can know you are meant to be. Of course, I understand that this does not have to mean that Life on Earth is your cup of tea. You may indeed be bewildered.
You do try to get acclimated here. Most assuredly, you have tried.
This is good news, not bad news. You are someone who tries to be at home and to help others also be at home. You are a guest here on Earth for a limited time. You might as well make hay while the sun shines and make Life on Earth easier for all the bewildered ones who stand near you, and those who stand far away from you as well. In terms of Infinity — where near and far do not exist — everyone is near you. Rather, everyone is you.
Sometimes you do feel the pain of all, not only your own, except all pain in the world is also yours in any case.
Look, initially, you were born in a far greater field than Earth. A part of you desires your Home where you fit in so well, this country called Heaven where you hail from, where you experience all perpetual ease and comfort which are more natural to you than taking a breath. You’re not sure you want all the wandering and too frequent-seeming missing the boat as it seems to be on Earth.
During your sojourn in Heaven, you have no plaints. You have no questions. Your heart and mind do not wander. There are no untilled fields. You are squarely set in Paradise. You are made of it and for it. If anyone belongs in Heaven, you do, and that is to say that everyone does as well.
A term on Earth may seem like a sentence in a locked room. For this interim, you belong on Earth where you have a temporary body and temporary involvement, temporariness altogether, backwards and forwards. Yes, you do live on a different planet from where you hail.
You are, We can say, hurled into outer space. We can say that Heaven is inner space, for, in Heaven, you dwell exclusively in Infinity. This is easy and natural for you. This is Pure Being. You are Pure Being during your stay on Earth, only you cover up your Pure Being with all sorts of experiences, many of which you call difficulties of one kind or another.
You have this body, and you cover this body up with all sorts of costumes. A body has its joys, yet a body is also problematical for you. It holds you down to Earth with all this gravity plopping you down. Your Soul knows not gravity. The Pure Being of Your Soul sheds Enlightening Light. Only while you are on Earth are there dancing shadows.
You find yourself in a body much as a cowboy finds himself in a rodeo. What a strange place to be in where you can be thrown off your horse or try to be a match with a steer. You are a wee bit hesitant to ask yourself: “What AM I doing here? What a fantastical place this place where I am living. It seems unreal. It is unreal. I may have forgotten temporarily the Gifts of Heaven. I want Heaven back. I belong in Heaven, not here.”
Of course, even as you are on this fantastical place call Earth, you are no stranger to Heaven. You still spend time (as if there were such a thing as time) in Heaven. Even so, Heaven is where We fully merge as One. You are quite adept in Heaven. In Oneness, you are enriched. In Oneness, you ARE. In Oneness, you are the whole Universe as you smile, laugh, work and play.
I see you cavorting throughout Infinity right now. You are Infinite, if only you could remember.

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