Guilt Holds You Back

Heavenletter #5843
Published on: November 23, 2016

So much for time. It is true, Children of My Heart. You can’t believe in time and all its repercussions, not when your eyes are open. A minute ago never was. You may legitimately be feeling heart-sore, down-hearted, down on yourself. Being down on yourself is naught but a parade of self-serving guilt. No more guilt. Guilt is not worthy of a Child of God.

I do not hand you a hair-shirt to wear. Don’t give yourself more heartache with a view in mind of warding off what you may call your just deserts. Let yourself off the hook. You have punished yourself enough. Too much. End guilt now. Carry no medals of guilt.

Suffering is not – I repeat – NOT – your payback. Never. Immediately, excuse yourself from punishment. What is a sense of guilt but punishment? Sense of guilt is not a flag to wave. You don’t make yourself more holy by lashing yourself.

Take off those thorns. Wear rose-petals instead.

Wear My Crown. My Crown is made of Golden Light. This is the same Light you radiate except you shroud yourself in clouds of self-reproach. You say you do not pass muster. You do not pass muster when you downgrade yourself. Stop this now.

Have you made mistakes? You have made some good ones. Get over them. Be done with them. Mistakes are run of the mill. Do not castigate yourself for mistakes. Reproach for mistakes is not worthy of you. Don’t emphasize errors. Let go of them. You can’t live your life entirely on the basis of not making errors and/or repenting them as if repentance were holy water.

Live your Gift of Light on the basis of going ahead. Stop looking back. Get over living with hindsight. Move on.

Errors do not provide a haven for you. You are not to hang out with errors. Errors are not your comrades. Errors are no more than fool’s errands. Drop errors. Drop the thoughts of them. If you wasted your time, do not waste more time on thinking about your recanted errors. Don’t waste your non-existent time on short-sidedness.

Would you collect rotten apples and leave the good apples at the top of the tree to fallow? Wake up.

Beating yourself up with guilt is stewing in your own juices. Do not soak in guilt. Walk away from it. You have more to do in this world than blubber about how you made unwitting choices. Regrettable choices are often from cowardice. Walk away from cowardice now as well.

Guilt is a way of banging your own drums. In your rue, you star yourself in a drama. You pull plaudits from the air. Instead of the Fairest of All, you groom yourself to be the worst or least of all. Did I bring you to Earth for this stalemate? Grow wings instead.

If you desire to be a fool, stay a fool then. Repeat your errors in your mind again and again. Flagellate yourself, if that’s what you want.

At My suggestion, if you do not desire to stay a fool, take off the dunce cap of guilt. Kick it away and take the High Road.

What do you think leaving the past behind means if not stepping out of the chains of guilt? Chains are not meritorious. Find something better to do than rue your past.

Get up. Walk toward the sun. Or walk off into the sunset. A new dawn follows. Rainbows for you are ready to beckon and to walk over to you.

If you don’t admire your past, then chalk it up to experience and pull out a new present now. Give the present to yourself as a gift from Me. You earned it. Be done with the foolishness of the past. Past means past. Walk away from it. Beckon new to you.

No longer do you make a ceremony out of guilt. Guilt is not worthy of even your little finger. Guilt is self-recrimination. I ask you not to incriminate anyone, and this applies to you. Don’t compound your errors. Be done with them.

Get off the warpath with yourself. Guilt is not good for you. Now you opt for joy. Get started.