The Way

Sun Enters Pisces 

Bill Attride

The hardest and most important thing to do…is to end something well.

It is often quite easy to make a beginning.

To sally forth on some small (or great) enterprise or adventure.

And then you fill in the chapters of the experience with various challenges and lessons, riding the waves of stumbles and achievements, of setbacks and breakthroughs that lead you onwards to your better days.

But in the end, at the end of each day, each month and every year, it all comes down to this…Did you understand? Were you able encompass the whole arc of this experience, and fold this precious fruit into the meaningful purposes of your life? Did you reap the harvest of your well-won desserts, or did you become weighed down by bitter memories and regrets? Will you begin once more at a higher level of potentiality, or will you have to regroup and start over and try once again?

The Twelve Astrological Signs are the fundamental Energy-Forms that Shape and Inform the Universe. This Twelve-Fold Dimensional-Division of Spirit permeates the smallest speck and mote on up to the grandest and greatest embodiments of Spirit that you see sweeping before you in those Cosmic Beings you know as Stars and Galaxies.

The essential principle of your Cosmic Order, found in the Ancient Teachings and the Esoteric heart of all religions, affirms that every single part of Creation is “Conscious”. The entirety of Creation is composed of a vast array of ever more evolved levels of consciousness, who in their totality form the Mind of the Cosmos, the Mind of the One.

The whole point of your spiritual awakening is for you to become ever more Self-Aware and thereby Self-Masterful; it is your Destiny to be ever more consciously contributing to the Journey of Spirit. You do this by understanding and weaving together all Twelve of these Energy-Forms into the unique being you are in this one life, as well as all your many forms and lives you lived and will live too.

Eventually, you will achieve your fullness as “human”, you will become an “Awakened One”, and be no longer (unconsciously) bound to the Karmic Cycles of Death and Rebirth. You will be “free” to choose, to move on in your own spiritual evolution beyond the human, or turn and lend a helping hand to those who trail behind you.

Yes, even in your moment of liberation, you are given a choice. Even when you are a truly radiant being, a “Deva”, an “Angel” or a “Shining One”, even here you can still be “selfish”. It is here, (more than other time before), that you will reveal your true spiritual nature, as you choose between the paths of Separation and Darkness, or the Path of Love and Light.

This is the heart of the message of Pisces. That here in the final sign of the Zodiac, having come through each of the previous Eleven Sacred Signs in this year, (and in life after life too), it is here that you will encompass your journey, and truly know and understand the nature of your Love for yourself and for one another too. You will understand that this love of self and for one another is the same Love, because true Love is unconditional, inseparable and indivisible.

You have been through every sign when you reach Pisces, and so you have moved into a much greater reality, filled with true empathy and heart-felt compassion for all of humanity, and truly for all of life. You have come that much closer to breaking the fundamental illusion of your separation from one another, the separation which brought about your self-cast shadows formed by your anxieties, doubts and fears.

In Pisces, you see the fullness of the arc of your story. You understand that it is through fear that you stumbled into error and met your “fate” as something that befell you. You learn to accept your part in why this happened. You learn to choose wisely; you have faith that you will do better. But to do this you must forgive yourself, as you must equally forgive one another too.

Your first step is to know yourself; your first step is found in love. Your first circle of compassion is from your Self to yourself, for you cannot grow without forgiveness. You turn to your “higher self”, to that quiet, steady loving voice of the eternal within you. You feel the love there that is Unconditional, and you are humbled and exalted. Then you turn in forgiveness and love, helping to lift the shadow of fear for those with whom you journey, thereby lifting yourself and them into a better world too.

By this turning inwards, to the lamp of love within you, you find your Living Faith in the knowledge that it is you who is the maker-creator, it is you that made yourself…and this Truth is the source of your bountiful faith. Your essential nature, that you are a spark of the Divine, endows you with the awesome power to Create. That what you dream, will become your thoughts; and, what you think will become who you are.

You understand and accept, that you created this “fact” of what you meet in the today. Your “today” was made long, long ago by you, (and many others). You cannot change the past, and you cannot perfectly know the future…but you can be here in this present moment. By acting with Wisdom and Love here and now you will redeem your past and create a more perfect tomorrow.

It is only here in the “Now”, in the ever-renewing “Present”, it is here that you will ride the razor’s edge between opportunity and danger. Always you will face the great choice: Will you rise up in faith or fall back in fear? If you remain true to the steady, loving spirit within you, you will always find your way to a better you and a brighter tomorrow.

It is from such Spiritual Praxis, that you become more awakened, more fully human. You embody a “Living Faith” from the spirit within you now joined to the wisdom that you have earned. You are your greatest creation. You have made you more “you” again and again. Your Divine Spark is the kernel of Light that holds your uniqueness, your Quintessence. You will always find your way upon the Dharma-Karma path by remaining true to and by abiding in the loving presence of your Higher Self.

You can and will, with other Faith-Filled companions, meet what comes upon your path today and build from it your “shining city on a hill”, an ever-expanding present of better tomorrows. First you must forgive yourself; then you must equally love and forgive them too. Then, together, you will release your “gifts of the spirit” to heal one another and your world.

Pisces is the “end”, it is the harvest of the fruits of your spiritual journey. It is equally the Fountain-Source for all your beginnings. For your path is not a line or an arc. You are part of a vast spiraling hierarchy of Spirit that is travelling through Space-Time, ascending from lesser forms of consciousness to the greater and even greater beyond that.

There is but one injunction for your journey.
Every day…Every month…Every year…
Follow the Path of Compassion.
Live a Life of Unconditional Love, Listen to the Voice of the Silence,
The Wisdom of your Heart. Gather your harvest of well-earned rewards,
And, plant your resplendent seeds of better days.
For now, and forever and ever,
Extend your loving hand,
Have Faith,
Love one Another.
And when troubled or in doubt, remember the Great Invocation:


From the point of light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into our minds
Let LIGHT descend on Earth.
From the point of love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into our hearts
May LOVE increase on Earth.
From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our wills
The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.
From the center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door 
where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.