I Want That Life

Energy Update ~ You Are Ready to Expand

By Sophie Gregoire

Your recent feeling of exasperation about situations, people, activities and things is there to show you that you’ve grown.

That recent feeling of frustration, and sense of being stuck shows us that you’ve outgrown what you were still comfortable in a few months, or even weeks ago.

At first, this frustration feels uncomfortable or even sad. You want to avoid it sometimes. But you know that you shouldn’t because,

You’re ready to Expand.


You felt good somewhere or with some people, and then you started to hear this “I don’t belong here anymore” or “I’m now yearning for more” within, again.

The inner calling. Sweet voice telling you, day and night, over and over, timid whisper yet loud, insisting – “It’s time to go. It’s time to expand, because now you’ve learned enough of what life was supposed to teach you here”.

You remember that you already felt that way a thousand times – so it seems.

You start to wonder, when and where things will change, and when the Change will be a “Final” one.

You’ve allowed yourself to feel that desire for more, for renewal, so now you just want what you want.


But all these steps are normal steps on Your Way.

Your exasperation, and allowing it, and allowing the void which follows. That feeling of being in-between two worlds is precisely what’s enabling new ideas and inspirations to emerge within you.

Your “I don’t belong here anymore” is what’s about to make you seek, or receive, again — something else.

Of course, one day you’ll Arrive.

Because even if our roads are stories of a lifetime, even if our paths have this eternal feeling of no destination — beautiful stations are coming closer to you.

One day, you’ll arrive.

The Arrive with a big A, that you’ve been dreaming of. The Arrival of the wanderers, the station that will be enough at least to settle, for a few years perhaps — for a long, deserved, peaceful loving rest.

Your Arrival, it could even happen soon because you, as all of us, have spent almost two years introspecting, facing yourself, quiting things and dreaming of somewhere new.

Seeking, building, creating, inventing, gathering your real, long-lasting New Harbor.


Your recent discontent and new-found awareness about some things, activities, relationships is creating a void within you. Allow it.

If you don’t allow yourself to feel what you’ve outgrown, what you don’t want anymore — you’re stuck in those same things.

Your exasperation, your profound desire for more, for joy, love and purpose is actually what keeps you On Track.

The identification of your needs and dreams, and that new-found, resurrected, tall, healed feeling of “I can have it in spite of my past” — is what’s about to draw to you new, expanded, aligned experiences.

Your commitment to not settling before this, your forever brandished swords, your golden words of “I want that life and I won’t settle for less”, your unfailible ambition for a better life, for true Love, Purpose and Joy — are what have kept you, all these years and until now, on the Right Path.

Your commitment for finding yourself and seeking what feels aligned and right, during all this time, is what will allow you to receive the life that’s meant for you.

Your commitment to not settling before, is what’s about to bring you what you always desired.

Sophie Gregoire



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