Abundance is your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT


Lisa Transcendence Brown

In order to receive you must open up fully and release the separation that you held within

In order to receive you must gift yourself openly, from your heart, with your soul, for all others, as one again

In order to receive you must step into higher light consciousness. You must recognize your own limits and where you held back

In order to receive you must see where you do not share, see where you hold back, where you are not open to love and sharing yourself as love again

In order to receive, your heart, mind and energy must all be open.

In order to receive you must be transmitting light and allowing all to come to you… how and when it is meant to… based upon your own vibration….

In order to receive, you must open your heart…

In order to receive you must get out of your head…

In order to truly receive, you must be at peace and fully-aligned inside.

In order to receive you must “give” (gift/hold generosity) first…. Everything is a response to what you hold…. do…. are….

Abundance is a feeling AND a way of BEing, existing again… It’s your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT, yet not from a place of expecting, needing or entitlement (pulling/resistant energy)…. It’s from that place of allowing and knowing that you hold deep inside. This is where you must live…. abundance is where you reside.

To transcend the old, you must see all as it is. You must recognize your own unconsciousness, the programs and all that represents this in your physical reality world. When you identify and understand THE ENERGY of what is going on, THEN you have the ability to MASTER from a place of power and inner strength that does not cater to the old illusory programs anymore.

These higher frequencies activate and deliver all you desire and deserve…. BECAUSE you’ve opened up, shared and committed yourself to BEING LIGHT again.

EVERY MOMENT that you are totally open, you are in RECEIVING MODE. Only when you go small, put walls back up, shut down, stop sharing do you limit yourself again.

I love you. Get ready. Portals are closing out the old (we can close these ourselves) and Portals of Magnificence await to come through as soon as you allow! 

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide


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