The Path of Sacred Union

The Path of Sacred Union

By Sophie Gregoire

Nothing else than TRUE LOVE can take us that entirely, without any compromise, to the path of awareness of the self.

Nothing else can trigger that much pressure for healing, that much desire for clarity and better-ment of our own hearts.

Nothing can reveal more of the shadows of the self… and cause such an unfailible draw to release them, to see and move past it, to understand and become else, to become the light, lit up all of our scars, those unhealthy patters and false personas – than True Love.

The journey that we start when we meet True Love is the deeper, richer, more destroying, raw, true, honest, dismantling, committed of all.

Nothing is more enlightening and sacred, daily and long-term, light and magical, convoluted, labyrinthine, dark and profound – than the path of Sacred Union.

There is nothing bigger, more awakening than this because… deep down, and in spite of the waves, the adventures, the doubts, the yes and no, the fears — deep down we know that the heart will never give up on that one.

Those souls which can’t abandon the idea of being with the Sacred Partner… actually never give up growth, they never relinquish.

Because there is nothing in this world that we crave for more, long for more, desire more, nothing which gives more meaning, pure joy and natural sparkles just from being… than the authentic, relaxing pleasure of being with True Love,

Of finding Home.



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