Everything for a reason & LOVE for everything

Everything for a reason & LOVE for everything




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Everything happens for a reason in our life. Nothing is randomly.
It is hard to see any challenge of your life as being there for a reason when you have been taught that external things/ people are guilty for how you feel or where you are.

We are energy in motion (emotion). Focusing on what you are afraid of, you will have them back in your reality. Focusing on what you like to do, you are focused on positivity. You will have it back, too. When you worry about something, you are focussed on that thing and try to avoid it for you do not want it. The more you try to avoid it the more you recreate it in your life and usually people call it “coincidence” or “bad luck”. Universe does not know about luck and “bad luck”. It cannot give us anything we “want”, “need”, “must” that is coming from despair and worry for universe does not know these ego’s expressions. It works from a LOVE flow where everything is accepted for it has a reason to be and is loved as it is.

So, “Start to consider yourself as a being formed of pure energy.” Dr Bradley Nelson

Focusing on what irritates you about others, shows you what you have inside you to sort it out for what you do not like about others is what you do not like about you. Everything happening inside you is mirrored by your life for Your thoughts and feelings forms your reality. Use them to discover who you really are – a wonderful human being.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” C. Jung

How to do it?

Look what irritates you in others and look for the emotion you feel. See why, how, when happened in your life. Accept you have it for it is part of your body. When denying it you keep it in your body and the same kind of things start repeating in your life. Do not worry! Liberate yourself from that negative emotion!

See the light side of what happens for something better will come in your life at the right time. Behind the clouds, the sun always shines!

Mourn what you have lost but do not spend your life time mourning for the past is gone with or without that mourning. Live the present!

Listen to whatever advice you want but do what you feel, what your soul tells you that is right for you. It never lies to you.

Do not be afraid to do what others have not done before you for the only limits you have are in your subconscious.

A good reason in a separation?

Usually, in any separation, people try to highlight the dark side of their relationship. They blame each other and try to gain other people on their side. Why? They try to prove that one is better than his/ her partener. They start talking about negative aspects of his/her partner behaviour. Is one guilty and the other one is pure?

Two people are together when they have the same resonance for they are attracted by their resonance. When one of them starts changing himself, his resonance will be different. The couple starts arguing about everything and blaming each other. After a while, it is understandable he/ she could not live anymore with his/her partner for they do not understand each other anymore. The more one of them tries to keep the other one, the more the other one will be pushed away for His energy of neediness will push away the other one. Law of attraction works where (true) love is.

If he wants to leave, let him for he does not have the same resonance with you. He/ she ended his/ her role in your life. Somebody else needs his/ her in their life. When you do not want to let him go or keep mourning, you live a life you hate yourself and you do not know what to do for nothing will be good anyway. You will feel you are not good enough for other people or others are not good enough for you. With despair and worry, You can do WHATEVER you want but nothing will work for your happiness. Something will happen somewhere on the road and you two will be separated. 

What is the light side? 🙂

• Letting him/her go you accept what happens with you two. You create space for more love in your life.
• You gain one more friend.
• You can smile any time you meet each other and talk about funny moments of your life. So, you can share positivity and it is what you create more in your life. Moreover, you will love your ex-partner in an unconditionally way.
• You two won’t be alone for the right person for any of you will come when the right time will come.
• Somebody else needs you in his/ her life.
• You break a circle that is not going to be repeated in your life.
• He/ she will be happy with his life, you will be, too.

Everything happens for a reason and You can take either the dark or the light side of that. Actually, your whole life is a matter of choice.

Everything happens for a reason and LOVE is answer for everything! ❤



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