The Universe doesn’t Owe You Anything

The Universe doesn’t Owe You Anything


By Raphael Awen
February 13, 2018

The Universe isn’t actually holding out on you.

The Universe doesn’t actually owe you anything.

The reason this is true is because the Universe has already given you everything it has to offer without holding anything back.

This is a tough one for parts of us to accept, as they have been conditioned to cause-and-effect reality here in 3D experience. ‘I do good and I get good in return’ is the childlike perception that we then project onto the Universe or the Divine, giving it god-like status, that parts of us can then play victim to, or hold responsible for our frustrations or unmet desires.

It’s called ‘unconditional love’ because it has all come to you signed, sealed and delivered without conditions. The only conditions that we all experience are the conditions around us being able to let in this love that is technically all-ready all ours.

Our experience of life in a past, present, and future reality, along with the cause and effect piece, as well as the world of free will can all be used to support this child’s picture of God holding out on us; of God or the Universe not being willing to give us our deepest desires.

What if the whole of that is all about a ploy coming from a part of us playing victim to life, and seeking a strategy to deal with this unfathomable infinite love that we are so fearfully tasked with letting into our very being?

What if you already have it all, and it’s just a process now to let it in?

What if part of that having it all is that even the frustrations, and longings, even the dis-ease in the body, even the breakdown in relationships, are all pointing to this perfection that we have been submerged in and are coming to terms with, here in this very particular Gaian conditioned experience of free will, cause and effect, ‘reality’?

My ‘working hypotheses’ is that this is closer to what is true for each of us. I can’t prove it to be true from a 3D mindset, but I can feel it to be true from a 5D mind.

Now, I am invited to feel and get to know any part of myself, or any aspect in my Metasoul who is still living in the old world of expecting God or the Universe to come through for them. This makes sense when you feel that if I have it all, then all there’s left to do and be is to share it all, beginning with myself and then overflowing to others.

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